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Lines of Division
Ordinaries and indeed bordures and some general charges may be shown with lines of division. Some are purely decorative in our view, others appear to originally have had some symbolism attached to them. We will firstly show the common and some historical rarely used lines, followed by ordinaries with these lines present. A good heraldic designer exercises some caution that the use of a particular line does not deter from the overall intent of the blazon or appearance of the Coat. Note: some lines are only appropriate for certain charges
Lines with a Symbolic understanding

Arched (includes double arched): Horizon (s)

Embattled (includes all the embattled lines): The battlements of a fortress or castle.

Dancetty and Indented: the Dancetty is simply larger then the Indented and therefore has less points displayed. Old heraldry dictated that the Dancetty could not have more than 3 points showing. This is no longer followed. When the Dancetty is shown on both sides (as shown in the sample-above) it really should be called a Dancetty Counter-Dancetty, as the points do not align (generally). On the other hand the Indented line, when shown on 2 or more sides, has its points aligned. Both lines were intended to represent either a body of water or that the bearer wanted to display some significance to the use of this body of water in career or trade.

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