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The Study of Heraldry



The Points of the Shield



It is said, the points of the Shield were established to provide the artist with a reference point as to where to position the charge or charges, in particular when the artist was working solely from a blazon (description) and not a drawing.  


The Honourable Ordinaries &
Their Diminutives

There are nine Honourable ordinaries with six of those having diminutives (smaller forms). There are both Honourable Ordinaries and Subordinates (discussed later). Ordinaries are considered charges and other charges may also be placed on them. However, the diminutives, generally are not charged.
Under each of the Images is the name of the Honourable Ordinary, what portion of the shield it generally occupies, and separate images of their diminutives. It should be noted that a certain flexibility is granted to the artist as regards to the portion of the shield it takes; depending on whether other charges are present, and of course the shape of the shield. Heraldry is not an exact Science, but these guidelines should will assist you in your understanding of Heraldry and its design elements.
  The Chief along with all Ordinaries can come with lines of partition such as engrailed, embattled, indented etc. These lines of partition will be discussed and displayed in a later chapter.

The Chief
1/3rd of

the Shield

The Fillet

not more than 1/4

of the Chief

The Bend 1/5th of the Shield, 1/3rd when charged

The Bendlet
1/6th of the


The Garter or Gartier,
1/2th of the Bend

The Cost or

1/4 of the Bend

The Riband,
1/8th of

the Bend


The Endorse is generally seen in pairs only, eg: on each side of the Pale.

The Pale
1/3rd of the Shield
The Pallet
1/2 of the Pale
The Endorse
1/8th of the Pale


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