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Armorial Gold was founded at the beginning of this millennium by Mike Hamilton. Mike had been studying heraldry as a hobby for over 20 years. He saw a need for a source of high quality vector heraldry imagery and could not find a source of images that was up to his standards.

He spent the rest of his life building an outstanding library of professional grade, high quality images. Lovers of heraldry will find a multitude of uses for the art.

We carry on his efforts, expanding the collections of images, and adding additional research and learning resources for the public and our members.

Our vector based Heraldry Clipart and the other images that we offer are in full color. The colors can be easily changed or removed as needed using vector image editing software (such as the free Inkscape vector image editor).

You have your choice of two file formats for bulk download (in a single file) of all the images included in any package that you purchase. The bulk downloads are available in Windows Meta-file (WMF) and CorelDraw (CDR). WMF is widely supported by Windows applications. CDR opens in CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and the free Inkscape editors (among others). You also get access to all the files in purchased packages in additional file formats through the Members' Area thumbnail browser and Search features.

The additional formats include Adobe Illustrator (AI), PDF, and Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) vector file formats as well as JPEG and PNG bitmap formats rendered at 1200 dpi. The PNG files include transparent backgrounds.

We suggest you ask for a free sample of our heraldry art before purchasing so that you can test the files with your editing software.

The beauty of vector clip-art is it does not lose its quality or resolution when enlarged, unlike bitmap-type files. Vector images are made up of drawing commands for lines curves and colors that can be rendered as large as needed while retaining crisp edges and sharp detail; All of our heraldry clip-art is hand-drawn by our artists to provide the highest quality.

As a reference for our images, we draw on our large reference library of historic books on the subjects of heraldry, art, and biology. Our large library of antiquarian historic works on heraldry and historic art numbers several hundred books. Some of our books are quite rare and date back well into the 1600s.

Our 'Gold Collection' Clip-art package features over 16,000 individual heraldic elements. We offer the largest heraldry clip-art image library available anywhere and the vector art is only available on this site.

The Gold Collection offers everything needed to create heraldic art and full achievements of arms. It provides many shield templates, mantlings, helmets, torses supporters and compartments along with a huge number of charges. Also include are templates for badges and other related imagery. We also offer many collections of ready made vector coats of arms and family badges. We offer coats of arms and badges from America, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Denmark, and Spain among others.

We have family badges like our Scottish Clan Badges collection and Bookplates (Exlibris) pre-made or the art that you need to create them.

Just need a single image? Check our single image sales site ArmsandBadges.com


Design coats of arms for yourself, family and friends or as a business opportunity allowing you to create images for your customers.
It's easy to design coats of arms when you use Armorial Gold's vector art. Our image files have been created specifically with ease of editing and recoloring in mind.

In addition to our heraldic clip-art we also offer additional packages of related imagery.

  • Knighthood Orders collection, with the symbols of various knighthood orders.
  • Mythological creatures and gods in our mythology collections, including Egyptian Gods, Heraldic and historic alphabets.
  • Beautiful vector illustrations of birds of prey.
  • Ecclesiastical art such as our Saints collection and some whimsical offerings such as our Concert Lions collection.

Our site offers free educational resources that include:

  • An extensive list of historic Family Mottoes.
  • Heraldry History.
  • How to Blazon - The art of describing in words a heraldic achievement.
  • Details of Heraldic Symbolism.
  • A dictionary of Heraldry and heraldic terms.
  • Links to other high quality heraldry resources on the web.
  • A complete Heraldry Learning Center.

We now have an on-line heraldry clip-art viewer. When you select the All Products button you will see a list of all of our vector heraldry clip-art image packages, coat of arms vector clip-art image packages, and vector crest badge image packages. At the bottom of each image package's description there is a View Included Images link. The viewer will let you browse through the images included in the package so that you can see exactly what is included. If you don't see what you need, ask us, we may be able to make it for you.

Our collection of heraldry clip-art has been built with painstaking attention to detail drawing on heraldic art's traditional styling, including many charges represented in both ancient and modern forms. We have also gone to great lengths to make the images as easy to work with as possible, making color changes easy and ensuring that the images work well with embroidery and engraving systems.

If you have any questions about our heraldry clip-art, heraldry in general or any problems with the site, contact us, we're always here to help.


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Bonus Resources for Members

Your purchase includes access to members only bonus resources and tools. Currently the bonus features are being offered to all customers that ever made a purchase, all the way back to 2001.

Member resources currently include:

  • Free Download access to our extensive collection of Tartan images.
  • Search functionality that lets you easily find the information or images that you need.
  • A thumbnail browser that lets you see preview images for the art. Most operating systems currently do not offer the ability see thumbnail preview images of vector image files. Necessitating the tedious process of opening files to see them. See our page on thumbnails for additional information.
  • Blazon and Motto search either by name or blazon content allowing identification of unknown arms or mottoes.
  • Additional educational resources including a translation dictionary and automated translation tool to allow translation of French blazonry to English blazonry. The automated translation tool does most of the tedious translation from French usage of heraldic terms to the proper equivalent English terms.
Note: Free bonus features subject to change or termination.


Big News for Our Members

We now offer some additional file formats and additional bonus features.

When logged in, you will be able to browse through the content of your purchased packages and download individual files as PDF Vector files, Adobe Illustrator AI vector files, and Encapsulated Postscript EPS vector files in addition to the CorelDraw CDR vector format and Windows Meta-file WMF formats.

For added convenience you will also be able to download the images in JPEG bitmap format or in PNG bitmap format with a transparent background.

The online download of new additions to collections will be available 1 year from the date of purchase or upgrade, renewal options will be available but are not finalized yet.

Purchases or Upgrades, as always, include a full download of the collection in CDR and/or WMF format so that you can continue to work off-line as before with all of the files on you local drive. Archives of the additional formats are not available at this time, these files were batch converted and we have not had time to validate that they are all working correctly. Please let us know if you find problems, it has been a huge job getting this far and there will certainly be some problems to find and fix as we go.

Coming Soon

A series of better than paper books on-line.

We are working on making some more of our research materials available to members in a form that is easier and faster than it would be to use the original printed books.

Existing members interested in preview of the project in the works should contact us for access information. We are asking preview users can give feedback to improve the system.

Our first book is The book of Family Crests, with the blazons of over 20,000 crests for families of the British Empire including over 4,000 illustrations clarifying the blazons.

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