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This page will have a complete overview of the contents of the site, we are still working on this as a new resource, it is not complete yet.

Alphabetical quick list of our vector art image packages

Families of AmericaAmerican Families
1550 Coats of Arms adopted by American families, based on “Bolton’s American Armory”. The surname spellings are as recorded in Bolton’s book.
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Bookplates of ScotlandBk.Pl. - Scotland
Over 1180 Coats of Arms as officially recorded arranged as bookplates (Exlibris). The special font is included, so you can change the spelling to suit.
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The British Fleet - Deluxe English Coats of ArmsBritish Fleet
Over 3100 Coats of Arms from England. The British Fleet is presented in the olde heraldic style. Font included for spelling changes.
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Das Wappen - Deluxe German Coats of ArmsDas Wappen - German
2000 German Coats of Arms including many European surnames of German origin that were ranked amongst the noblest of the nobles.
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Dutch Armorial (Ver 2) Deluxe Coats of Arms from HollandDutch Armorial v2
445 Dutch Coats of Arms from old Holland. Sourced from Rietstap's Armorial General. Special font included.
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English Armorial - Coats of Arms for Families from EnglandEnglish Armorial
Over 2000 English Coats of Arms. Includes access to our Blazon site.
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Families of Britain Pro - The English Garter Series - Coat of Arms BadgesFamilies of Britain
Over 1750 of the most frequently occurring surnames, based on Census records. Covering surnames from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
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French Families - Coats of Arms from FranceFrench Families
1280 French Coats of Arms. Special font included so that you can change the spellings to suit.
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Gaelic Crests - IrelandG. CRESTS - IRELAND
If you design Coats of Arms from Ireland, you need this collection. When you need an Irish name or a Scottish or English name with an Irish branch, this collection provides you with over 1240 register ...
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The Gold Collection V. X9 (19) - Over 16,000 IMAGESGold Collection v.19
Over 16,000 high quality vector images for designing Coats of Arms. Your choice of WMF or Adobe Illustrator compatible CorelDraw formats. Hand drawn for smooth outlines with sharp hatching. Everything ...
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The Heritage Craft CollectionHeritage Craft Col.
10 Collections in 1, over 1,000 Images, featuring the Book of Kells, Concert Lions, Alphabets, Saints, Birds of Prey, Gods and Goddesses, and a whole lot more.
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House of Ireland - Coat of Arms BadgesHouse of Ireland
240 Badges representing ancient Irish families, based on Edward MacLysaght's book, IRISH FAMILIES.
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The Fighting Irish (Ver 3) - Coats of Arms from IrelandIreland v3
Over 1450 Coats of Arms of the most noteworthy Irish Families. Covering Irish surnames and English or Scottish ones, with an Irish branch.
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Italian Nobles - Deluxe Coats of Arms from ItalyItalian Nobles
Over 900 Italian Coats of Arms, Featuring the most popular Italian surnames.
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Kingdom of Denmark Plus - Deluxe Coats of Arms from Denmark, Sweden and NorwayKingdom Denmark+
A Unique collection from Denmark with coats of arms from Sweden and from Norway. 630 Authentic arms presented in choice of wmf or cdr vector formats. Originally the home of the Vikings, Norse seafarin ...
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Knighthood OdersKnighthood Oders
105 badges, stars, grand crosses, and collars, representing historical Orders of Knighthood dating back as far as the Crusades.
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Polish Armorial  - Deluxe Coats of Arms from PolandPolish Armorial
Over 800 Polish Coats of Arms. People in Poland were some of the earliest to adopt the art of heraldry.
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Portuguese Heraldica - Deluxe Coats of Arms From PortugalPortuguese Heraldica
Over 675 Portuguese Coats of Arms, featuring the most popular Portuguese surnames with recorded arms.
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Republic of Austria - Coats of ArmsRepublic of Austria
865 Authentic Coats of Arms Registered in Austria Settled in ancient times, the Central European land that is now Austria was occupied in pre-Roman times by various Celtic tribes. It is a very interes ...
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Scottish Clan BadgesScottish Clan Badges
333 Scottish Clan Badges, includes many rare Armigerous Clans. Good for over 2,000 families. Includes free access to the Armorial Gold Tartan site.
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Scottish Gentry - Coats of Arms from ScotlandScottish Gentry
1190 Scottish Coats of Arms--if you have a Scottish name, or an Irish or English name with a Scottish branch then you'll likely find it here. Your choice of WMF or CDR file formats. Complete name list ...
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Spanish Heraldica - Deluxe Coats of Arms from SpainSpanish Heraldica
Over 1580 Spanish Coats of Arms with many rare names, with the spellings as originally recorded. Special Font included for spellings changes
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Swiss Family ShieldsSwiss Family Shields
880 Swiss Family Shields available in either WMF or CDR formats. The Swiss Confederation has a long history of armed neutrality—it has not been in a state of war internationally since 1815. The Swiss ...
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Welsh Armorial - Deluxe Coats of Arms from WalesWelsh Armorial
Over 725 Welsh Coats of Arms. If you have a Welsh name or an English name with a Welsh branch, you will likely find it here. Researched using the famous Siddons Welsh resource. Click on the thumbnail ...
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Free Heraldry Educational Resources

Learning Centre Learning Centre
Our index of the educational resources to be found on this site. Much of the Learning center content will eventually also be listed here but many pages are missing from this page at the moment.

Achievements Achievements
The Parts of a Full Achievement of Arms with terms used in 10 European regions.

History Heraldry History
A brief overview of the history of Heraldry's development and the essentials of heraldry.

Shield Points How to Blazon
The Blazon is a written description of heraldic achievements. Understanding the methods of creating and reading a blazon is an essential heraldic skill.

Shield Points The points of the Shield
Learn about the 'points' of the shield, essential when working solely from a blazon (description) and not a drawing.

Excerpt from The Highlanders of Scotland By William Forbes Skene Published 1837 on the history, styles and the antiquity of the tartan of the Scottish highlanders.

The Gauntlet The Gauntlet Archives
Archives of a decade of heraldry education newsletters.

Heraldry Research Resources

Symbolism Heraldry Terms Dictionary
An alphabetical list of heraldic terms with alternate spellings and explanation of their meaning in a heraldic context.

Symbolism Heraldry Symbolism Dictionary
An alphabetical list of symbols used in heraldry and the meanings ascribed to them.

sample Family Motto List
Over 9,000 family mottoes transcribed from our antiquarian sources.
Lookup mottoes associated with your family name or get ideas for creating your own motto.

sample Abbreviations Reference
Abbreviations and their meanings to help make sense of abbreviations found on this site, in heraldry reference books and old books in general.

Site Information

sample Site Updates Log
Information about the site status, changes and additions. This is where you can check what's new and different, listed by date so that you can see if you have missed anything since your last visit.

sample Site Status
The most important information about the current site status.
Current or ongoing issues will appear on this page.

sample Making Money with Armorial Gold Art
Some ideas and information about how you can earn an income with our images.

sample Spelling
Some background on the spelling and spelling errors found on this site.

sample Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some of our most commonly asked questions and some site polocy information.

Technical and Graphics Editing Resources

sample Our Vector File Formats
Information about the vector file formats that we offer for download
What is a WMF or CDR vector file?, find out here.

Why Vector Images About Image Files
Information about graphic files and formats.
Vector file formats, and bitmap formats what they are and why the different formats are used.

sample Free sample requests
How to request a free sample of our vector file formats.
Be confident that you will be able to work with our art, request a free sample.

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