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Customers may use screen resolution bitmaps of purchased images on their website. Anyone using our images on their website should include somewhere on their site a link back to something on our website. We will let you decide what to link to and where to place the link.

Customers are expressly allowed to use purchased images for imprinting, engraving, embroidery etc. onto objects for resale or personal use. We are providing these vector images to enable business uses. We do however need customers to be careful not to redistribute or resell vector versions of the images. If you need to produce files that may include vector versions of the purchased images (for instance PDF documents) convert the image to a bitmap or contact us to discuss what you would like to do.

Site Design & Heraldic Graphics have all been created by Armorial Gold Heraldry Services. All heraldry information, art, and clip-art images on this site including downloads are copyright property of Armorial Gold Heraldry Services.

Our art is hand drawn by our artists. Image samples are provided as a courtesy to potential buyers and the heraldry samples remain the property of Armorial Gold Heraldry Services. Reproduction in any form other than in the manner stipulated in the Armorial Gold Heraldry Services license agreement or FAQ section is strictly prohibited. All heraldic and companion images purchased through this site are governed by a license agreement executed between the buyer and Armorial Gold Heraldry Services.

No textual content of the site may be reproduced in bulk without our permission. We lay out specific permissions in various areas that let you reproduce limited amounts of the content. A great deal of work goes into researching and transcribing the content that we make (often freely) available, we expect and allow you to use excerpts as needed but prohibit bulk reproduction of our material. Though much of the source material is in the public domain, we have gone to great lengths to obtain antiquarian editions as primary sources, cross referencing, editing, correcting and expanded the material, making our content unique. A bibliography is available for researchers that need to cite our underlying sources.

Use of our images and website content to train machine learning models is prohibited without special permission. Excluded from this prohibition is machine learning training that has production of search results and answers that direct people to this site as a source of the information.

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