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Two Vector File Formats to Choose From

Two Vector File Formats to Choose From


The WMF file format is an widely supported vector file format, originating as part of Microsoft Windows, Windows has built in support for this vector file format making it easy for Windows programs to include support for WMF. Thus WMF opens in most draw and publishing type programs.

Here are just a few:

Microsoft Word

MS Publisher

Quark Express (PC)

Corel Draw

Adobe Illustrator

Paint Shop Pro (Version 8+)

Smart Draw

Serif Draw

WMF converter for Mac

Companion Software

Print Shop

Adobe Freehand (PC)

MS Power Point

Xara X -Pro-X (v8)

Free Programs known to support WMF:

Our recommended program: Inkscape Draw (Free Editing Software for Mac PC and Linux)

Serif Draw (Free PC Edition)

OpenOffice  (Free, PC)

Open Office  (Free, Mac)


The CorelDraw format offers a slight advantage if you will be extensively editing images. Vector images are composed of drawing instructions that trace out shapes and specify colors. The Windows Meta-file format uses a less complicated set of instructions that allow images to be displayed extremely quickly but more commands are needed leading to a larger number of nodes (control points). The more advanced CorelDraw format can use Bézier curves which allow the same shape to be rendered with fewer nodes which can simplify some types of editing.


The CDR (Corel Draw) vector format opens in Corel Draw 8,9,10,11,12 ,X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8 (and newer) and also opens in Adobe Illustrator  10, 11, CS, CS I, CS II, CS III, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC (Adobe Creative Cloud)


The CDR format opens in Illustrator CS II or newer, for Mac.

Multi-platform support (Windows, OSX and Linux):

The CDR format opens with InkScape on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. And the Best part is that it is free.

Converter for other formats:

WMF Converter Pro is a WMF image viewer and converter application on Mac. It allows you to import single, or multiple WMF (Windows Metafile), images on your mac, render, preview, convert, and save either all, or just selected wmfs/emfs as mac native images in one of 8 image formats, including vector formats (PDF, EPS) and the raster ones, such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, JPEG

File Formats

"we're always here to help"



All titles are available by free download after purchase.

When you email us your order, you can specify the format you would like or ask for help deciding, either way, both formats will be available for download.


You can also ask for a free sample of the high quality vector heraldry art to test with your software and we can help you get the files working with your software or with free vector editing software. We want you to be confident that you can use the images and see the high quality before you make a purchase.  

That all Coats of Arms on the website were created using the Gold Collection?

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