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A Brief Tutorial:

  1. The People from Serif will send you an "email" with a link to start your download..
  2. Once you open the Serif Software and have a Blank page in front of you, use "Insert" then select “Pictures" from “File. It will then show all your folders and files. Find your Armorial Gold wmf file(s) on your CD. Click on one of the folders and this reveals the files. Select a file and click Open. Move your mouse on the blank page, and click once with your mouse.

It's as simple as that.

  1. To centre the image, click once on the image, then go to “arrange” then “align objects” Choose the center option in both vertical and horizontal choices. Next Select the color palette you want to use. Select “Swatch” on the right. Then click on the first down arrow. This reveals the palettes available. Scroll down to Standard RGB.
  2.  If you want to ungroup the image, go to "arrange" and select "ungroup all"
  3. To move an image around the page, make sure it is grouped. Click once on the image and while holding down you mouse key, drag the image where you want it.

To reduce or enlarge the image, make sure it is grouped. Click once on the image. Move your mouse cursor to any image corner, and while holding down your mouse key, drag from the corner arrows (never from the sides as that will skew your image). You can also go to “view” and choose zoom-in or zoom-out.

  1. To change the color of an image, ungroup it (arrange/ungroup). You then can click on any part of the images, then click on the color you want (color palette on your right) To save the file. You can select “file” then “save”. This will save in the Serif Draw format and the file can only be opened in Serif. If you choose “file” then “export” you then can save in a number of file formats.

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