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JACKDAW: Old English lore states that one Jackdaw perched on a building is an omen of bad fortune but that a flock perching on the roof indicates financial gains. He is a symbol of luck (good and bad), sagacity through education, and loyal friendship.

JAVELIN (spear, tilting spear, lance, dart,): If a stranger kept the point of his spear forward when he entered a strange land, it was a declaration of war; if he carried the spear on his shoulder with the point behind him, it was a token of friendship. Bestowed only on the valiant and well deserving soldier. It is the emblem of knightly service and signifies devotion to honour.

JESSAMINE (Jasmine): Is the white quatrefoil and signifies hope, joy and a demonstration of attachment.

JESSANT DE LIS: A fleur-de-lis shooting out from the mouth of a leopard or a lion; conferred by Edward III during his wars in France, as a reward to some of leaders who served under him in his victorious campaigns. The lion of the English arms is swallowing the lily of the French coat.

JUNIPER: Protection against thieves, witches and evil; healer.

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