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QUAIL (bobwhite): In mythology and legend the Quail is widespread and appears in many different cultures. It was a fighting bird and so depicted courage and victory in battle for the Romans. The term 'quail' was one of endearment; the bird was sometimes given as a gift from one lover to another. In Greek legend the jealous Hera turned Leto into a Quail; she was the mother of Apollo and Artemis, so the bird was associated with them also. Asteria changed into a Quail to escape Zeus. The bird is connected with Heracles/Hercules. The Phoenicians sacrificed the Quail to Melkarth when he defeated Typhon (Sephon), as darkness. It was also sacrificed to the Tyrian Baal. The Quail was also a game bird and was symbolic of the hunt. The Quail was the protector to Germanic farmers who captured them and penned them inside houses as protection against lightning strikes.

QUARTER: A Sub-ordinary; Bearing of honour for brilliant military service.

QUIVER: In ancient times, arrows were usually made of reed and fitted with metal heads. They were carried in leather quivers, and sometimes horse-drawn chariots were also fitted with quivers. A quiver is depicted in ancient Egyptian and Assyrian reliefs as holding approximately 30 arrows, or approximately 50 arrows when attached to a chariot; ensign of Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt and protector of children (Artemis is her Greek counterpart). It is both a symbol of the hunt and one of a valiant defender.

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