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Family Mottoes

Family Mottoes
by Armorial Gold Heraldry Services

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from Armorial Gold’s own Library and from noted heraldic writers.

The Family Mottoes Resource may not be copied for any reason or any purpose without Armorial Gold's expressed written permission. Members have access to search the full database.

Simply click on a letter. The Surname, Motto and translation is provided.

Enjoy the Family Mottoes...

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Name Motto Translation


Faal Honestas Honesty
Fagan Deo patriœque fidelis Faithful to God and my country
Fairborne Tutus si fortis Safe if brave
Fairburn Semper eadem Always the same
Fairfax Dare fac Speak, do, i.e. Say it and do it
Fairfax Je le feray durant ma vie I will do it so long as I live
Fairfowl Loquendo placet He pleases when he speaks
Fairholm Fide et firme Faithfully and firmly
Fairley I am ready I am ready
Fairlie Paratus sum I am prepared
Fairlie-Cunninhame Fortitudine With fortitude
Fairn Sub umbra quiescam I will rest under the shadow
Fairne Quiescens et vigilans Resting and waking
Fairwether Volvitur et ridet He revolves and smiles
Fairweather Fide et fortitudine By fidelity and fortitude
Falcon Vif, courageux, fier Spirited, courageous, proud
Falconer Armis potentius œquum Justice is more powerful than arms
Falconer Fortiter, sed aptè Boldly, but appropriately
Falconer Paratus ad œthera Prepared for heaven
Falconer Vi et industria By strength and industry
Falconer Vive ut vivas Live that you may live
Falkiner Fortunâ favente With fortune in my favour
Falkland In utroque fidelis Faithful in either case
Falkner Vive ut semper vivas So live that you may live for ever
Fallous Fortiter et fideliter Boldly and faithfully
Falmouth Patience passe science Patience surpasses knowledge
Fane Ne vile fano Bring nothing base to the temple
Fardel Non nobis solum Not for ourselves alone
Farley Tollit peccata mundi He taketh away the sins of the world
Farmer Hora è sempre Now and always
Farnall Persevere Persevere
Farnell Perseverando By persevering
Farnham Je suis prêt I am ready
Farquhar Mente manuque With heart and hand
Farquhar Sto cado fide et armis I stand and fall by faith and arms
Farquhar Vertitur in diem It is changed into day
Farquharson Carn na cuimhne The rock of remembrance
Farquharson Craig ubhe The black rock
Farquharson Fide et fortitudine With faith and fortitude
Farquharson I force no friend, I fear no foe I force no friend, I fear no foe
Farquharson Illumino I enlighten
Farquharson In memoriam majorum In remembrance of our ancestors
Farquharson Memor esto majorum Be thou mindful of thine ancestors
Farquharson Non semper sub imbra Not always under the shade
Farrel Cor et concordant My heart and my hand are in concord
Farrell Cou re bu I have broken my hold
Farrer Ferré vá ferme The shod horse goes surely
Farrington Le bon temps viendra The prosperous time will come
Faulkner Vive ut semper vivas So live that you may live for ever
Faunce Ne tentes aut perfice Attempt not or accomplish
Favill En Dieu ma foi My faith is in God
Fawkes A Deo et rege From God and the king
Fazer In God is all In God is all
Fea Fac et spera Do and hope
Fearon Caute nec timide Cautiously, not fearfully
Fearon Persevere Persevere
Feld Aspira Aspire thou
Fellows Confide rectè agens Doing rightly be confident
Fellows Patientia et perseverantia cum magnanimitate Patience and perseverance with magnanimity
Fellows Post prœlia prœmia After battles honours
Feltham Portanti spolia palma The spoils are the palm of him who carries them off
Feniscowles Virtutis prœmium honor Honour is the reward of virtue
Fennison Vigilat et orat He watches and prays
Fenouillet Industria et spe By industry and hope
Fenton Candide comme la fleur Fair as the flower
Fenton Gwell angau na gwarth Death before disgrace
Fenwick A Fenwyke! A Fenwyke!! A Fenwyke!!! A Fenwyke! A Fenwyke!! A Fenwyke!!!
Fenwick A toujours loyale For ever loyal
Fenwick Toujours fidèle Always faithful
Fenwick Tous jours loyal Always loyal
Fenwick Virtute sibi prœmium By virtue he gains reward for himself
Fenwick Phin Perit ut vivat He dies that he may live
Fenwicke Toujours loyale Always loyal
Ferguson Arte et animo By skill and courage
Ferguson Dulcius ex asperis The sweeter because obtained by hardships
Ferguson Fortuna virtuti comes Fortune the companion of valour
Ferguson True to the end True to the end
Ferguson True to the last True to the last
Ferguson Vi et arte By strength and skill
Ferguson Virtue Virtue
Ferguson Virtute By virtue
Ferguson Virtuti fortuna comes Fortune is companion to valour
Ferguson Virtutis fortuna comes Fortune is the companion of valour
Fergusson Dulcius ex asperis The sweeter because obtained by hardships
Ferie Be firm Be firm
Fermoy Dieu est ma roche God is my rock
Fermoy Mon Dieu est ma roche My God is my rock
Fernie Quiescens et vigilans Resting and waking
Ferrand Justus propositi tenax The just is firm of purpose
Ferrers Honor virtutis prœmium Honour is the reward of virtue, or valour
Ferrers Nulla retrorsum None backwards
Ferrers Splendeo tritus I shine though worn
Ferrie Be firm Be firm
Ferrier Advance Advance
Ferrier Diligentia ditat Industry renders rich
Ferrier In recto decus Honour in acting right
Fetherston Christi pennatus sidera morte peto Furnished with wings, (feathers, in allusion to the name) by the death of Christ I seek stars.
Fetherston Valens et volens Able and willing
Fetherston Volen et valens Willing and able
Fetherstonhaugh Valens et volens Able and willing
Fettes Industria By industry
Feversham Deo, regi, patriœ To God, my king, my country
Ffarington Domat omnia virtus Virtue conquers all things
Ffeilden Virtutibus prœmium honor Honour the reward of virtues
Ffolkes Principiis obsta Meet the danger at its approach
Ffrench Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Fiddes Industria By industry
Field Murus œneus mens conscia recti A mind conscious of rectitude is a brazen wall
Field Nil agit, litem quod lite resolvit He does no good, because he settles strife by strife
Field Virtus sola invicta Virtue alone is invincible
Fielden Virtutis prœmium honor Honour is the reward of virtue
Fielden Virtutis prœmium honos Honour is the prize of valour
Fielder Faire sans dire To do without speaking, i.e. Deeds not words
Fielding Crescit sub pondere virtus Virtue thrives beneath oppression
Fielding Honor virtutis prœmium Honour is the reward of virtue, or valour
Fife Deo juvante By God’s assistance
Fife Virtute et opera By virtue and energy
Finall Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Finch Aperto vivere voto To live without a wish concealed
Finch Bono vince malum Overcome evil with good
Finch Virtus tutissima cassis Virtue is the safest helmet
Findaly Fortis et fidelis Brave and faithful
Findlay Fortis in arduis Brave under difficulties
Finlason Cœlitus datum Given by God
Finlay Cœlitus datum Given by God
Finlay Fortis et fidelis Brave and faithful
Finlay I’ll be wary I’ll be wary
Finlayson Cœlitus datum Given by God
Finnie Tandem At length
Finnis Finis coronat opus The end (or Finnis) crowns the work
Firebrace Fideli quod obstat? What hinders the faithful?
Firmin Firmus in Christo Firm in Christ
Firth Deus incrementum dedit God has given increase
Firth Pares cum paribus Like to like, i.e. pairs; in allusion to the name
Fisher Favente Deo By God’s favour
Fisher Respice finem Regard the end
Fisher Virtutem extendere factis To increase virtue by deeds
Fitton Fight on, quoth Fitton
Fitzalan Tot capita tot sententiœ So many men so many minds
Fitz-George Fato non merito By fate not desert
Fitzgerald Crom a boo Crom for ever
Fitzgerald Fortis et fidelis Brave and faithful
Fitzgerald Honor probataque virtus Honour and approved valour
Fitzgerald Non immemor beneficii Grateful for kindness
Fitzgerald Sannid a boo Sannid to victory
Fitzgerald Shanet a boo Shanet to victory, or defying
Fitzherbert Intaminatis honoribus With unstained honours
Fitz-Herbert Ung je serviray One will I serve
Fitz-James Semper et ubique fidelis Always and everywhere faithful
Fitz-Marmaduke Crede mihi Believe me
Fitz-Morris Virtute non verbis By valour not by boasting
Fitz-Patrick Fortis sub forte The brave under the brave
Fitz-Roy Et decus et pretium recti Both the honour and the reward of rectitude
Fitz-William Constantia, virtus Constancy and valour
Fitzwilliams Deo adjuvcante non timendum With God assisting we must not fear
Fitzwygram Dulcis amor patriœ The love of one’s country is sweet
Flack Portio mea quod utile May what is useful be my portion
Fleming Barn ar agin Wrongly judged
Fleming Let the deed shaw Let the deed shaw
Fleming Pax, copia, sapientia Peace, plenty, wisdom
Fleming Sub pondere cresco I grow under a weight
Fletcher Alta pete Aim at high things
Fletcher Dieu pour nous God for us
Fletcher Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Fletcher Fortis et fidelis Brave and faithful
Fletcher Martis non Cupidinis Of Mars not Cupid
Fletcher Recta pete Seek for right things
Fletcher Sperans pergo I advance hoping
Fletcher Sub cruce salus Salvation under the cross
Flinn Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Flint Fortis et fidus Brave and trusty
Flood Vis unita fortior Strength united is the more powerful
Flower Mens conscia recti A mind conscious of rectitude
Flower Perseverando By persevering
Flowers Flores curat Deus God careth for the flowers
Floyd Patiens pulveris atque solis Patient of dust and sun
Floyer Floret virtus vulnerata Wounded virtue flourishes
Foley Ut prosim That I may be of use
Foljambe Soyez ferme Be firm
Folke Servare modum To keep the mean
Foot Virescit vulnere virtus Her virtue flourishes by her wound
Foote Iterum, iterum, iterumque Again, again and again
Foote Pedetentim Step by step
Forbes Altius ibunt qui ad summa nituntur They will rise highest who strive for the highest place
Forbes Concordia prœsto With one consent we are ready
Forbes Delectatio (My) Delight
Forbes Fax mentis honestœ gloria Glory is the light of a noble mind
Forbes Fax mentis incendium gloriœ The torch of glory inflames the mind
Forbes Fugit hora The hour flies
Forbes Grace me guide Grace me guide
Forbes Grace my guide Grace my guide
Forbes Nec mons, nec subtrahit aer Neither does the mountain diminish, nor the wind cease to blow
Forbes Nec sperno, nec timeo I neither despise nor fear
Forbes Nec timidè, nec temerè Neither timidly nor rashly
Forbes Non deest spes Hope is not wanting
Forbes Non temere Not rashly
Forbes Nulla pallescere culpa To turn pale from no crime
Forbes Rosis coronat spina The thorn crowns with roses
Forbes Salus per Christum Salvation through Christ
Forbes Scienter utor I use it skilfully
Forbes Solus in pluribus Alone among many
Forbes Spe expecto I expect with hope
Forbes Spernit humum It despises the earth
Forbes Virtute cresco I grow by virtue
Forbes Virtute non ferociâ By courage not by cruelty
Forbes Watch Watch
Forbes Watch and pray Watch and pray
Ford Anchora sit virtus Let virtue be my anchor
Ford Excitat He rouses
Ford Omnium rerum vicissitudo All things are subject to change
Ford-Bowes Spes antiqua domus The ancient hope of the house
Forde Incorrupta fides, nudaque veritas Uncorrupted faith and the naked truth
Fordyce Altius ibunt qui ad summa nituntur They will rise highest who strive for the highest place
Fordyce In arduis fortis Strong in adversity
Fordyce Persevere Persevere
Foreman True to the end True to the end
Foresight Sum quod sum I am what I am
Formby Semper fidelis Always faithful
Forneaulex Immota triumphans Triumphing unmoved
Forrest Vivunt dum virent They (the Forrests) live as long as they (the trees) are green
Forrester Ante omnia sylvœ The woods (or forests) before all things
Forrester Blow, hunter, thy horn Blow, hunter, thy horn
Forrester It’s good to be loun It’s good to be loun
Forrester Recreation Recreation
Forrester Semper eadem Always the same
Forrester Spernit pericula virtus Virtue despises danger
Forster Ante omnia sylvœ The woods (or forests) before all things
Forteath Tam animo mente sublimis As lofty in spirit as in intellect
Fortescue Forte scutum salus ducum A strong shield is the safety of generals
Foster Divini Gloria ruris The glory of the heavenly abode
Foster Orando te aspiciam In praying I will look to thee
Foster Si fractus fortis Strong broken
Foster Virtute et labore By valour and exertion
Fotheringham Be it fast Be it fast
Fouler Ne quid nimis Not too much of anything
Foulis I rise by industry I rise by industry
Foulis Mente manuque prœsto Ready with heart and hand
Foulis Non deficit He is not wanting
Foulis Non jure deficit He is not wanting in right
Foulis Pax Peace
Foulis Thure et jure By incense and justice
Foulkes Jure, non dono By right, not by gift
Fountain Prœclarius quo difficilius The more difficult the more honourable
Fountain Vix ea nostra voco I scarce call these things our own
Fowell Nonostento, sed ostendo I boast not, but give proof
Fowke Arma tuentur pacem Arms maintain peace
Fowle Boutez en avant Push forward
Fowler Sapiens qui vigilant He is wise who watches
Fox Faire sans dire To do without speaking, i.e. Deeds not words
Fox Video et taceo I see and say nothing
Frampton Perseverando By persevering
France Sub pace copia Under peace, plenty
France Virtus semper viridis Virtue is ever green
Francis Insontes ut columbœ Innocent as doves
Francklin Sinceritate By sincerity
Franco Sub pace copia Under peace, plenty
Frank Non omnibus nati Not born for all
Frankfort de Montmorency Dieu ayde God assists
Frankland Libera terra, liberque anumus A free earth and a free mind, or a Frankland and a free mind
Franks Sic vos non vobis So you not for yourselves
Fraser Ex seipso renascens Born again from its own ashes
Fraser God is all God is all
Fraser In God is all In God is all
Fraser Je suis prest I am ready
Fraser Je suis prêt I am ready
Fraser Nid meddyg ond meddyg enaid No physician but Physician of the soul
Fraser Non extinguar I shall not be extinguished
Fraser Non sine periculo Not without danger
Fraser Quam sibi sortem Which fortune for himself, “he made” perhaps understood
Fraser Ready Ready
Frasier I am readie I am readie
Frazer I am ready I am ready
Frazer In God I trust In God I trust
Frazer Nosce teipsum Know thyself
Frazer Pace et bello paratus In peace and war prepared
Frazer Ubique paratus Everywhere prepared
Frazer Vel pax, vel bellum Either peace or war
Frazer Virtus, laus, actio Virtue, glory, action
Frazer Vive ut postea vivas So live that you may live hereafter
Frederick Pretium et causa laboris The reward and cause of labour
Freebairn Always the same Always the same
Freeling Nunquam nisi honorificentissimè Never unless most honourably
Freeman Liber et audax Free and bold
Freeman Libertas et natale solum Liberty and my native soil
Freer Aime ton frère Love thy brother
French Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
French Nil conscire sibi To have a conscience free from guilt. To be conscious of nothing of one’self, i.e. against one’s self
French Par commerce By commerce
French Veritas vincit Truth conquers
Frend Aude et prevalebis Dare, and thou shalt prevail
Frere Aime ton frère Love thy brother
Frere Frere ayme frere Frere love thy brother
Frere Traditum ab antiquis servare To keep that which is hands down from ancient times
Freshfield Nobilitastis virtus non stemma character Virtue, not pedigree, should characterise nobility
Frewen Mutare non est meum It is not mine (i.e. my nature) to change
Frome Hold fast Hold fast
Fryer Jamais arrière Never behind
Fryer Mea fides in sapientia My trust is in wisdom
Fulford Bear up Bear up
Fullarton Mihi terraque lacusque Mine are the land and the pools
Fuller Currit qui curat He runs who takes acre
Fullerton Lux in tenebris Light in darkness
Fulton Parta labore quies Rest attained by labour
Fulton Quœ fecimus ipsi Things which we ourselves have done
Furlong Liberalitas Liberality
Furnival L’honneur nous unit Honour unites us
Furse Nec desit virtus Nor let valour be wanting
Fust Swift and true Swift and true
Fust Terrena per vices sunt aliena All earthly things by turns are foreign to us
Fydell Esto fidelis usque ad finem Be faithful even to the end
Fyers Ardet virtus, non urit Valour inflames, but consumes not
Fyffe Decens et honestum Becoming and honourable
Fynney Fortem posce animum Wish for a strong mind
Fyres Ardet virtus, non urit Valour inflames, but consumes not

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