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Family Mottoes

Family Mottoes
by Armorial Gold Heraldry Services

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from Armorial Gold’s own Library and from noted heraldic writers.

The Family Mottoes Resource may not be copied for any reason or any purpose without Armorial Gold's expressed written permission. Members have access to search the full database.

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Name Motto Translation


Hacket Fortitudine et prudentiâ By fortitude and prudence
Hadden Suffer Suffer
Hadderwick Ne timeas recte faciendo Fear not when acting right
Haddington Prœsto et persisto I undertake and I persevere
Haggard Dux mihi veritas Truth is my guide
Haggard Micat inter omnes He shines amongst all
Haggard Modeste conabor I will attempt moderately
Hague Jam transit hyems Now winter is passing
Haig Tyde what may Tyde what may
Haige Sola virtus invicta Virtue alone invincible
Haire In te, Domine, speravi In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust
Hairstanes Toujours fidèle Always faithful
Halden Suffer Suffer
Hales Vis unita fortior Strength united is the more powerful
Halford Mutas inglorius artes (To exercise) unambitious of glory, the silent arts
Halford Virtus in actione consistit Virtue consists in action
Haliburton Majora sequor I pursue greater objects
Halkerston In ardua nitor I contend against difficulties
Halket Fides sufficit Faith sufficeth
Halket Honestè vivo I live honestly
Halket Honesto vivo I live by honesty
Halkett Fides sufficit Faith sufficeth
Halkett Honestè vivo I live honestly
Hall Aut pax aut bellum Either peace or war
Hall Comitate quam viribus By mildness rather than force
Hall Finem respice Consider the end
Hall Fortitudine With fortitude
Hall Per ardua ad alta Through straits to heights
Hall Remember and forget not Remember and forget not
Hall Turpiter desperatur Despaired is base
Halliday Quarta saluti The fourth to health
Hallyday Virtute parta Acquired by virtue
Halsey Nescit vox missa reverti When a word is once spoken it cannot be recalled
Halyburton Watch well Watch well
Hambrough Foresight Foresight
Hambrough Honestum utili prœr Prefer the honourable to the agreeable
Hamburgh Merchants Dieu nous aventure donne bonne May God give us good fortune
Hamerton Fixus adversa sperno Firm I despise adversity
Hamilton Addunt robur They give strength
Hamilton Addunt robur stirpi They add strength to the stock
Hamilton Adest prudenti animus Courage belongs to the prudent
Hamilton Et arma et virtus Both arms and virtue
Hamilton Et neglecta virescit Even though neglected, it flourishes
Hamilton Faithfulin adversity Faithful in adversity
Hamilton Fideliter Faithfully
Hamilton Fortiter qui fidè He acts bravely, who acts faithfully
Hamilton Honestum pro patriâ What is honourable for my country
Hamilton I gain by hazard I gain by hazard
Hamilton I’ll deceive no man I’ll deceive no man
Hamilton Immersabilis Not to be overwhelmed
Hamilton In arduis fortitudo Fortitude in adversity
Hamilton In via virtuti pervia In the road which is accessible to valour
Hamilton Invia virtuti pervia Pathless ways may be trodden by valour
Hamilton J’espère I hope
Hamilton Jamais arrière Never behind
Hamilton Littora specto I view the shores
Hamilton No heart more true No heart more true
Hamilton Non deficit He is not wanting
Hamilton Non metuo I do not fear
Hamilton Non mutat genus solum Country does not change the race
Hamilton Obsequio non viribus By courtesy not by force
Hamilton Ore lego, corde credo I read with my face (i.e. eyes), I believe with my heart
Hamilton Per varios casus By various fortunes
Hamilton Prœtando prœsto By standing prominent I excel; or while I promise I perform
Hamilton Prest, et, Prest Ready, ay, ready
Hamilton Qualis ab incepto The same as from the beginning
Hamilton Quos dedit arcus armor The bow which love gave
Hamilton Requiesco sub umbra I rest under the shade
Hamilton Ride through Ride through
Hamilton Sail through Sail through
Hamilton Semper virescens Always flourishing
Hamilton Sola nobilitat virtus Virtue alone ennobles
Hamilton Tam virtus quam honos As well virtue as honour
Hamilton Tam virtute quam labore As much by virtue as by exertion
Hamilton Tandem fit arbor As last it becomes a tree
Hamilton Through Through
Hamilton Through God revived Through God revived
Hamilton Ubique fidelis Everywhere faithful
Hamilton Virebo I shall flourish
Hamilton Viridis et fructifera Verdant and fruitful
Hamilton Dum in arborem Until grown into a tree
Hamlet Deo adjuvcante non timendum With God assisting we must not fear
Hamlyn Caute et sedulo Cautiously and carefully
Hamlyn Cautus sed strenue Cautiously, but strenuously
Hammersley Honore et amore With honour and love
Hammerton Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Hamond Paratus et fidelis Ready and faithful
Hampden Vestigia nulla retrorsum No steps backwards
Hampson Nunc aut nunquam Now or never
Hampton A Deo et rege From God and the king
Hanbury Nec prece, nec pretio Neither by entreaty nor reward
Hancocks Redeem the time Redeem the time
Handcock Vigilate et orate Watch and pray
Handyside Munifice et fortiter Bountifully and bravely
Hanford Memorare novissima To remember death
Hanger Artes honorabit He will do honour to the arts
Hankinson Vi et animo By strength and courage
Hanman Per ardua ad alta Through straits to heights
Hanmer Gardez l’honneur Preserve honour
Hannay Cresco et spero I increase and hope
Hannay Per ardua ad alta Through straits to heights
Hanrott Perseverando By persevering
Hansler Sapiens qui assiduus He is wise who is industrious
Hanson Sola et unica virtus Virtue alone and without a peer
Hanson Sola virtus invicta Virtue alone invincible
Harberon Virtutis fortuna comes Fortune is the companion of valour
Harboro Æquanimiter With equanimity
Harborough Hostis honori invidia Envy is an enemy to honour
Harcourt Gesta verbis prœveniunt Their deeds go before their words
Harcourt Le bon temps viendra The prosperous time will come
Hardie Sera deshormais hardi He will be always courageous
Hardie Trop hardi Too bold
Harding Audax omnia perpeti Daring (Hardi) to endure all things
Hardinge Atalanta Atalanta
Hardinge Piedmontaise Piedmontaise
Hardinge Postera laude recens Ever fresh in the admiration of posterity
Hardness Trust in God Trust in God
Hardwick Cavendo tutus Safe by being cautious
Hardwicke Nec cupias, nec metuas Neither desire nor fear
Hare In Deo fides, lux in tenebris Faith in God is light in darkness
Hare Non videri, sed esse Not to seem, but to be
Hare Odi profanum I hate whatever is profane
Hare Salus per Christum Salvation through Christ
Harewood In solo Deo salus Salvation is in God alone
Hargreaves Fortitudine et prudentiâ By fortitude and prudence
Hargreaves Vincit amor patriœ The love of my country exceeds everything
Harland Constanter in ardua With constancy against difficulties
Harland Constantia in ardua Perseverance against difficulty
Harland Per juga, per fluvios Through precipices and torrents
Harland Periculum fortitudine evasi I have escaped danger by fortitude
Harley Virtute et fide By valour and faith
Harnage Deo duce decrevi Under God’s direction I have determined
Harnage Fide et fiducia By fidelity and confidence
Harper Sibi quisque dat Every one gives to himself
Harper Te Deum laudamus We praise thee, O God
Harries Integritas semper tutamen Integrity is always a safe-guard
Harries Dominus dedit The Lord hath given
Harrington A Deo et rege From God and the king
Harrington Nodo firmo In a firm knot
Harris In medio tutissimus ibis Thou wilt go safest in the middle
Harris Kur, deu, res, pub, tra For God and the commonwealth
Harris My prince and my country My prince and my country
Harris Pro aris For our altars
Harris Republique The commonwealth
Harris Sola et unica virtus Virtue alone and without a peer
Harris Sola virtus invicta Virtue alone invincible
Harris Ubique patriam reminisci Everywhere to remember one’s country
Harris Virtute et opera By virtue and energy
Harrison Deo non fortunâ By Providence, not by fortune
Harrison Ferendo et feriendo By bearing and striking
Harrison Invictus arduis Unconquered in difficulties
Harrison Victus in arduis Conquered in difficulties, or “Their abode is in steep places,” referring to the eagles in the arms
Harrison Vincit qui patitur He conquers who endures
Harrison Vite, courageux, fier Swift, courageous, proud
Harrowby Servata fides cineri The promise made to the ashes (i.e. of the departed) has been kept
Hart Cœur fidèle A faithful heart
Hart Deo adjuvante vincam God helping I shall conquer
Hart Parat usum It prepares to use it
Hart Qui perde la foye n’a plus de perfre Who loses faith has no more to lose
Hart Via una cor unum One way one heart
Hartbury Nisi Dominus Except the Lord
Hartcup A cœur vaillant rien impossible To a valiant heart nothing is impossible
Harter Deo omnia All things to God
Harland Periculum fortitudine evasi I have escaped danger by fortitude
Hartley Vive ut vivas Live that you may live
Hartwell Sorte sua contentus Content with his lot
Harty Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Harvey Alteri, si tibi To another, if to myself
Harvey Dieppe Dieppe
Harvey Fides non timet Faith fears not
Harvey Omne bene All’s well
Harvey Omnia bene All’s well
Harvey Orthes Orthes
Harvey Recte faciendo neminem timeas In acting justly fear no one
Harvey Redoubtable et Fougueux Formidable and Fiery
Harvey Rosario For services at that place
Harvey Servate fidem cineri Keep the promise made to the ashes of your forefathers
Harvey Temeraire Rash
Harvey Trafalgar Trafalgar
Harvie Delectat et ornat It is both pleasing and ornamental
Harwood Generosus et paratus Generous and prepared
Hasler Qui nucleum vult nucem frangat Let him break the nut who wants the kernel
Hassard Vise en espoir Look forward in hope
Hastie Pro patria For my country
Hastings Et nos quoque tela sparsimus And we also have hurled our javelins
Hastings In veritate victoria Victory is in truth
Hastings Justitœ tenax Persevering in justice
Hastings Vincit veritas Truth conquers
Hatch Fortis valore et armis Strong in courage and arms
Hatfield Paulatim By little and little
Hatherton UngDieu et ung roy One God and one king
Hathorn Suffibulatus majores sequor Being buckled, I follow my ancestors, i.e. Having buckled on my arms I follow the example of my ancestors
Hatton Pax Peace
Hatton Virtus tutissima cassis Virtue is the safest helmet
Havelock Fideliter Faithfully
Havergal Scite, citissime, certe I use it skilfully, most swiftly, surely
Hawaeden Virtute securus Safe by virtue
Hawdon Ferio, tego I strike, I defend
Hawke Strike Strike
Hawker Accipiter prœdam sequitur , nos gloriam The hawk seeks prey, we (seek) glory
Hawkins Alienus ambitioni Averse to ambition
Hawkins Nil œquo plus Nothing more than my due
Hawkins Nil desperandum Never despair
Hawkins Prœstò et prœstò Ready and ready, i.e. I perform
Hawkins Pro Deo et rege For God and the king
Hawkins Toujours pret, or prest Always ready
Hawkswell Nil desperandum Never despair
Hawley Et suivez moi And follow me
Hawley Suivez moi Follow me
Hawthorne Stabo I shall stand
Hawtin Honor virtutis prœmium Honour is the reward of virtue, or valour
Hawtyn Honor virtutis prœmium Honour is the reward of virtue, or valour
Haxton Resurgo I rise again
Hay Diligentia fit ubertas Plenty is caused by diligence
Hay Dread God Dread God
Hay Fert lauream fides Faith bears the laurel
Hay Hinc honor et opes Hence honour and wealth
Hay Hinc incrementum Hence comes increase
Hay Malum bono vince Subdue evil by good
Hay Nec abest jugum Nor is a yoke wanting
Hay Nil desperandum Never despair
Hay Primus è stirpe The first from the stock
Hay Pro patria For my country
Hay Renovate animos Renew your courage
Hay Revocate animos Rouse your courage
Hay Serva jugum Keep the yoke
Hay Serva jugum sub jugo Keep the yoke under the yoke
Hay Spare nought Spare nought
Hay Speravi in Domino I have placed my hope in the Lord
Hay Valet et vulnerat It is strong, and it wounds
Hay Venture and gain Venture and gain
Hayes Audaces fortuna juvat Fortune favours the bold
Hayes Dieu me conduise God guide me!
Hayman Cœlum, non solum Heaven, not earth
Haynes Velis et remis With sails and oars
Hayter Via vi A way by force
Hazlerigge Pro aris et focis For our altars and our homes
Head Study quiet Study quiet
Headfort Consequitur quodcunque petit He hits whatever he aims at
Headley Virtute et labore By valour and exertion
Headress In silentio fortitudo Courage in silence
Heald Mea gloria crux The cross is my glory
Heard Naufragus in portum Shipwrecked I got into haven
Hearne Lege juraque servat He observes the laws and statutes
Heart Fide et amore By fidelity and love
Heath Espère mieux Hope for better
Heathcote Deus prosperat justos God prospers the just
Heathcote Fac et spera Do and hope
Heaton Aut pax aut bellum Either peace or war
Heaton Er codiad y caera From the foundation of the fortress
Hebbert Clarescam I shall become bright
Hebbert Tenax et fidus Persevering and faithful
Hebden Re et merito By reality and merit
Heber Prest d’ accomplier Ready to accomplish
Heddle Virtute et labore By valour and exertion
Heignie Firmè dum fide Firmly while faithfully
Helham Naturœ minister A servant of nature
Helme Cassis tutissima virtus Virtue is the safest helmet
Helyer In labore quies In labour is rest, i.e. obtained by it
Hemming Ad œthera virtus Virtue to heaven
Hemsworth Manus hœc inimica tyrannis This hand is hostile to tyrants
Henderson Sic cuncta caduca All things are thus unstable
Henderson Sola virtus nobilitat Virtue alone ennobles
Henderson Virtus nobilitat Virtue ennobles
Heneage Toujours firme Always firm
Henerison Virtus sola nobilitat Virtue alone ennobles
Henley Perseverando By persevering
Henley Si sit prudentia If there be prudence
Henley Sola et unica virtus Virtue alone and without a peer
Henn Gloria Deo! Glory to God
Hennidge Deo duce God my guide
Henniker Deus major columnâ God is stronger than a column
Henry Fideliter Faithfully
Henry VIII Altera securitas Another security
Henry VIII Merci, fortune Thank you, fortune
Henry VIII Oblier ne puis I cannot forget
Henshaw Per ardua stabilis Firm in adversity
Henslowe Obsequens non servilis Courteous not servile
Henville Virtus vera nobilitas Virtue is true nobility
Henzey Seigneur, je te prie garde ma vie Lord, I beseech thee save my life
Hepburn Keep traist Keep traist
Hepburn Keep tryst Keep tryst
Hepburn Multa in parvo Much in little
Hepburn Virtute et prudentiâ By virtue and prudence
Hepburn Domum antiquam redintegrare To resuscitate an ancient house
Heppesley Non sibi, sed patriœ Not for himself, but for his country
Hepworth Loyal à mort Loyal to death
Her most Gracious Majesty, Queen Victoria Dieu et mon droit God and my right
Herbert Asgre lan diogel ei phercen A good conscience is the best shield
Herbert Constantia et fortitudine By constancy and fortitude
Herbert Fortitudine et prudentiâ By fortitude and prudence
Herbert Ung je servirai One will I serve
Hereford Basis virtutum constantia Constancy is the foundation of all virtue
Hereford Invicta fidelitas prœmium The reward of invincible fidelity
Hereford Virtutis comes invidia Envy is the companion of virtue
Heriot Fortem posce animum Wish for a strong mind
Heriot True and trusty True and trusty
Herklott Ferio, tego I strike, I defend
Hern By valour By valour
Herne Servare modum To keep the mean
Herne Usque ad aras Even to the altars
Heron Ardua petit ardea The heron seeks high places
Heron By valour By valour
Heron Hastings Hastings
Heron Nil desperandum Never despair
Herrick Virtus omnia nobilitat Virtue ennobles all things
Herries Revertite Return ye
Herschel Cœlis exploratis For the heavens explored
Hertford Fide et amore By fidelity and love
Hervey Je n’oublierai jamais I will never forget
Hervie Hinc orior Hence I rise
Hesketh In Deo mea spes My hope is in God
Hesse Sapere aude, et tace Dare to be wise, and hold your tongue
Hewatt Post tenebras lux After darkness light
Hewetson Let them talk Let them talk
Hewett Ne tequœsiveris extra Seek nothing beyond your sphere
Hewitson Non timeo, sed caveo I fear not, but am cautious
Hewitt Be just, and fear not Be just, and fear not
Hewitt Dum vivimus, vivamus While we live let us live
Hewitt En pure foi In pure faith
Hewitt Ne tequœsiveris extra Seek nothing beyond your sphere
Hewitt Une pure foi A pure faith
Hewson Non lumen effugio I shun not the light
Heyes Faire sans dire To do without speaking, i.e. Deeds not words
Heygate Boulogne et Cadiz Boulogne et Cadiz
Heyrick Virtus omnia nobilitat Virtue ennobles all things
Heytesbury Grandescunt aucta labore The acquirements of industry render illustrious
Heywood Alte volo I fly aloft
Hibbert Fidem rectam qui colendo Who by cultivating right faith
Hickman Stemmata quid faciunt? What avail pedigrees?
Hickman Toujours fidèle Always faithful
Hicks Benigno Numine By benign providence
Hicks Tout bien ou rien All well or nothing
Hicks Toute en bon heure All in good time
Hickson Fide et fortitudine With faith and fortitude
Hide Deus nobis hœc otia fecit God hath given us this tranquility
Higga Peace Peace
Higginbottom Ubique fecundat imber Everywhere the rain fertilizes
Higgins Nihil quod obstat virtuti Nothing which is opposed to virtue
Higgins Patriam hinc sustinet Hence he sustains his country
Higgins Pro patria For my country
Higginson Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Hil Veritas superabit Truth will conquer
Hill Avancez Advance
Hill Candide me fides You will trust me favourably
Hill Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Hill Esto Be it so
Hill Fidelis Faithful
Hill Ne tenta vel perfice Attempt not or accomplish
Hill Ne tentes aut perfice Attempt not or accomplish
Hill Per Deum et ferrum obtinui By God and my sword have I prevailed
Hill Qui uti scit ei bona Be wealth to him who knows how to use it
Hill Sola nobilitat virtus Virtue alone ennobles
Hill Spe labor levis Hope makes labour light
Hillary Virtuti nihil invium Nothing is impervious to valour
Hillasdon Suivez raison Follow reason
Hills Fides montium Deo The trust of the Hills is in God
Hills In cœlo confidemus We will trust in heaven
Hilton Tant que je puis As much as I can
Hincks In cruce et lachrymis spes est There is hope in the cross and in tears
Hind Fortis et fidelis Brave and faithful
Hinde Miseris succurrere disco I learn to succour the unfortunate
Hinde Nisi Dominus frustra It is vain without the Lord
Hinde Tutum te robore reddam I will make thee safe by my strength
Hindmarsh Nil nisi patria Nothing without one’s country
Hinds Dei omnia plena All things are full of God
Hine Honesta quam splendida Honour rather than splendour
Hine Post tot naufragia portum After so many shipwrecks a haven
Hippisley Amicitiœ virtutisque fœdus The league of friendship and virtue
Hippisley Non mihi, sed Deo et regi Not for myself, but for my country
Hislop Deckan Deckan
Hislop Madripore Madripore
Hitch Avi numerantur avorum A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Hives Industria et probitate By industry and probity
Hoare Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Hoare In ardua On high
Hoare Venit hora The hour comes
Hobart Auctor pretiosa facit The Giver makes them valuable
Hobhouse Mutare sperno I scorn to change
Hobhouse Spes vitœ medioris Spes vitœ medioris
Hoblyn Sub libertate quietem Rest under liberty
Hobson Fortitudine With fortitude
Hockin Hoc in loco Deus rupes Here God is a rock
Hodder Per ignem ferris vicimus Even through fire have we conquered with our sword
Hodges Dant lucem crescentibus orti Rising from crescents they give light
Hodges Mala prœvisa pereunt Evils foreseen are destroyed
Hodges Posce teipsum Ask thyself
Hodges Prœvisa mala pereunt Foreseen misfortunes perish
Hodgeson Metuo secundis I am fearful in prosperity
Hodgetts Confido conquiesco I trust and am contented
Hodgkinson Sans Dieu rien Without God nothing
Hodgson Dread God Dread God
Hodgson Ferant mea serta columbœ Let doves bear my garland
Hodgson Miseris succurrere disco I learn to succour the unfortunate
Hodilow Cole credeque Deum Worship and believe God
Hodson Pax et amor Peace and love
Hoffman Tiens à la vérité Adhere to truth
Hog Dat gloria vires Glory gives strength
Hogart Sans peur Without fear
Hogarth Candor dat viribus alas Truth gives wings to strength
Hogg Dat gloria vires Glory gives strength
Hogue Dat gloria vires Glory gives strength
Holburne Decus summum virtus Virtue is the highest honour
Holburton Ora et labora Pray and labour
Holden Nec sperno, nec timeo I neither despise nor fear
Holdich Stet fortuna domus May the fortune of our house endure
Hole Honor virtutis prœmium Honour is the reward of virtue, or valour
Holford Toujours fidèle Always faithful
Holland Et vitam impendere vero To sacrifice even life to truth
Holland Fuimus et sub Deo ermus We have been, and we shall be under God
Holland Vincit qui se vincit He conquers who conquers himself
Hollingsworth Lumen accipe et imperti Receive the light and communicate it
Hollingsworth Semper eadem Always the same
Hollingworth Disce ferenda pati Learn to endure what must be borne
Hollis Spes audaces adjuvat Hope assists the brave
Hollist Currendo By running
Hollist Gardez le capron Preserve Capron
Holll Integritas tuta virus non capti A safe integrity does not take poison
Holloway A Deo lux nostra Our light is from God
Holme Fide, sed cui vide Trust, but in whom take care
Holme Holme semper viret Holme always flourishes
Holmes Avito evehor honore I am exalted or influenced by ancestral honour
Holmes Justum et tenacem propositi Just and firm of purpose
Holt Ut sanem vulnero I would to heal
Holte Exaltavit humiles He hath exalted the humble
Holyoak Sacra quercus Holy oak
Homan Homo sum I am a man
Home A Home! A Home! A Home! A Home! A Home! A Home!
Home Remember Remember
Home Semper verus Always true
Home True to the end True to the end
Home Virtute ad astra Through virtue in heaven
Home Vise à la fin Look to the end
Homfray L’homme vrai aime son pays The true man loves his country
Homfray Vulneratur, non vincitur He is wounded, not conquered
Homfray Vulneror non vincor I am wounded, not conquered
Homfrey Vincit qui patitur He conquers who endures
Hone Honesta libertate By honourable liberty, or Hone support liberty
Honywood Ches moy At home
Hood At spes infracta Yet my hope is unbroken
Hood Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Hood Manners makyth man Manners makyth man
Hood Olim sic erat Thus it was formerly
Hood Sherwoode Sherwoode
Hood Steady Steady
Hood Ventis secundis By favourable winds
Hood Zealous Zealous
Hooke Esto quod esse videris Be what you seem to be
Hooker Be mindful Be mindful
Hooper Deo duce God my guide
Hooper Tutamen Deus God is my defence
Hoops Amo I love
Hope At spes infracta Yet my hope is unbroken
Hope At spes non fracta But hope is not broken
Hope At spes solamen Yet hope is my solace
Hope Spe vires augentur Our strength is increased by hope
Hope Spero suspiro donec While I breathe I hope
Hope Spes tamen infracta My hope nevertheless unbroken
Hopetown At spes non fracta But hope is not broken
Hopkins Aut suavitate aut vi Either by gentleness or by force
Hopkins Heb Dduw heb ddim, Duw a digon Without God without anything, God is enough
Hopkins Inter primos Among the first
Hopkins Per aspera belli Through the hardships of war
Hopkirk Spero procedere I hope to prosper
Hopper Subditus fidelis regis est salus regni A faithful subject of the king is a preserver of the monarchy
Hopson Vive ut semper vivas So live that you may live for ever
Hopwood Gradatim By degrees
Hordern Fortiter ac sapienter Bravely and wisely
Hore Constanter With constancy
Horlock In cœlo quies There is rest in heaven
Horn Hastings Hastings
Horn Monitus, munitus Forewarned, forearmed
Horn Nil desperandum Never despair
Hornby Crede cornu Trust the horn, or Trust Hornby
Horne True True
Horner Nitor in adversum I contend against adversity
Hornsey Semper eadem Always the same
Horrocks Industria et spe By industry and hope
Horrocks Spe By hope
Horsburgh Ægre de tramite recto Scarcely from the right path
Hort Well win, well wear Well win, well wear
Hoseason In recto decus Honour in acting right
Hosken Vis unita fortior Strength united is the more powerful
Hoskins Solus minus solus Alone, but not alone
Hoskyns Vincula da linguœ vel tibi lingua dabit Place restraint on your tongue, or your tongue will place it on you
Hoste Cattaro Cattaro
Hoste Fortitudini For courage
Hoste Lissa Lissa
Hotham Lead on Lead on
Houghton Malgré le tort Despite of wrong
Houghton Nobilitat It ennobles us
Houlton Remember your oath Remember your oath
Houlton Semper fidelis Always faithful
Houston Do well and doubt not Do well and doubt not
Houston In time In time
How Justus et propositi tenax Just and firm of purpose
How Ut cunque placuerit Deo Howsoever it shall have pleased God
Howales Fortune le veut Fortune so wills it
Howard Abstulit qui dedit He who gave hath taken away
Howard Certum pete finem Aim at a sure end
Howard Inservi Deo et lœtare Serve God and rejoice
Howard Sola virtus invicta Virtue alone invincible
Howard Virtus mille scuta Virtue equals a thousand shields
Howard Volo non valeo I am willing but unable
Howard De Walden Non quo, sed quo modo Not for whom, but in what manner
Howden Betrayed, not conquered Betrayed, not conquered
Howden Caradoc Caradoc
Howden Traditus, non victus Betrayed, not conquered
Howdon Ferio, tego I strike, I defend
Howe Let Curzon hold what Curzon held Let Curzon hold what Curzon held
Howe Semper verus Always true
Howe Ut cunque placuerit Deo Howsoever it shall have pleased God
Howell Perseverando By persevering
Howes Stat fortuna domûs The fortune of the house remains
Howett Animo et prudentiâ By courage and prudence
Howie Hinc orior Hence I rise
Howison Sursum corda Hearts upwards
Howlastone Dulcedine capior I am captivated by sweetness
Howman Labile quod opportunum That which is opportune is quickly gone, or opportunity soon slips by
Howson Ad finem fidelis Faithful to the end
Howth Qui pense? Who thinks?
Hoyle Æquam servare mentem To preserve an equal mind
Hoyle Facta non verba Deeds not words
Hubbard Cave lupum Beware the wolf
Huddart Fear God Fear God
Huddleston Soli Deo honor et gloria Honour and glory be to God alone
Huddlestone Ingenio et viribus By skill and strength
Hugar Ubi libertas ibi patria Where liberty prevails there is my country
Hughan E mare From the sea
Hughes A fyno duw a fydd What God willeth will be
Hughes Duw a darpar ir brain God provides for the crows
Hughes Heb Dduw heb ddim, Duw a digon Without God without anything, God is enough
Hughes Kymmer-yn Lydeirnon Kymmer-yn Lydeirnon
Hughes Semper vigilans Always watchful
Hughes Verus amor patriœ The true love of country
Hughes Virtutis fortuna comes Fortune is the companion of valour
Hughes Y cyfiawn sydd hy megis llew The righteous is bold like a lion
Hughes Ysgwyd A shield
Huiton Odor vitœ The sweet breath of life
Hulburn Decus summum virtus Virtue is the highest honour
Hulton Mens flecti nescia A mind that cannot be bent
Hume Perseverance Perseverance
Hume True to the end True to the end
Humfrey Sic olim So hereafter
Humphreys Optima sperando spiro By hoping for the best I breathe
Hungerford Et Dieu mon appui And God my support
Hunt Cor nobyle, cor immobyle A heart noble, a mind determined
Hunter Arte et Marte By skill and valour
Hunter Arte non impetu By skill not force
Hunter Cursum perficio I accomplish the race
Hunter Dieu defend le droit God defends the right
Hunter Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Hunter in cornu salutem spero I trust to the horn for safety
Hunter Vigilantia, robur, voluptas Vigilance, strength, pleasure
Hunt-Grubbe Justus et tenax Just and firm
Huntingdon Honorantes me honorabo I will honour those who honour me
Huntingdon In veritate victoria Victory is in truth
Huntingfield Droit et loyal Just and loyal
Huntley Je voil droit avoir I will have right
Huntly Stant cœtera tigno The rest stand on a beam
Hurley Dextra cruce vincit His right hand conquers with the cross
Hurry Sans tache Without satin
Hurst Vi et virtute By strength and valour
Hurt Mane prœdam, vespere spolium Game in the morning and a feast at night
Husdell Trust in God Trust in God
Huskinson Spes alit agricolam Hope nourishes the farmer
Huskisson Ut secura quies That the rest (may be) safe
Hussey Cor immobile A steadfast heart
Hussey Cor nobyle, cor immobyle A heart noble, a mind determined
Hussey Hindostan Hindostan
Hussey Ut tibi sic aliis As to yourself so to others
Hussey Vix ea nostra voco I scarce call these things our own
Hustler Aut nunquam tentes aut perfice Either never attempt or accomplish
Hustwick Opera Dei mirifica The works of God are wonderful
Hutchins Courage à la mort Courage till death
Hutchinson Cœlestia canimus We sing (of) heavenly gates
Hutchinson Cunctanter tamen fortiter Slowly yet resolutely
Hutchinson Fortiter, Fideliter, feliciter Boldly, faithfully, successfully
Hutchinson Fortiter gerit crucem He bravely supports the cross
Hutchinson Memor esto Be mindful
Hutchinson Nihil humani alienum Nothing relating to man is foreign to me
Hutchinson Sapiens dominabitur astris A wise man will govern the stars
Hutchinson Sursum Upwards
Hutchison Surgam I shall rise
Hutchon Fortis est veritas Truth is strong
Huth Animus, non res Mind, not circumstance
Hutton Spero I hope
Hutton Spiritus gladius The sword of the Spirit
Huxley In Deo omnia In God are all things
Hyatt Fac et spera Do and hope
Hyde De vivis nil nisi verum Of the living speak nothing but what is true
Hyde Soyez ferme Be firm
Hyett Cor immobile A steadfast heart
Hyndman True as the dial to the sun True as the dial to the sun

Armorial Gold Heraldry Clipart was brought about from a need for high quality, professional vector art for those in the heraldry business and those wanting to design their own coats of arms. The Heraldry Mottoes are provided as a free reference to permit users to look up a motto of a surname, or find a motto they would like to adopt, or find a translation to a motto.


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