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Family Mottoes

Family Mottoes
by Armorial Gold Heraldry Services

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from Armorial Gold’s own Library and from noted heraldic writers.

The Family Mottoes Resource may not be copied for any reason or any purpose without Armorial Gold's expressed written permission. Members have access to search the full database.

Simply click on a letter. The Surname, Motto and translation is provided.

Enjoy the Family Mottoes...

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Nabbs Plus ultra More beyond
Nafleur Patientia vincit Patience conquers
Nagle Inimicus inimico Hostile to an enemy
Nagle Non vox, sed votum Not the voice, but the wish
Nairn L’esperance me comfort Hope comforts me
Nairn Sero sed serie Late but in earnest
Nairn Spes ultra Hope is beyond
Nairne L’esperance me comfort Hope comforts me
Nairne Plus ultra More beyond
Napair Sans tache Without satin
Napier Absque dedecore Without stain
Napier Fides servata secundat Tried fidelity makes prosperous
Napier Nil veretur veritas Truth fears nothing
Napier Patientia vincit Patience conquers
Napier Ready, aye, ready Ready, aye, ready
Napier Regarde bien Look carefully
Napier Sans tache Without satin
Napier Usque fidelis Always faithful
Napier Vincit veritas Truth conquers
Napier Virtute gloria parta Glory is obtained by valour
Nash In utroque fidelis Faithful in either case
Nash Omnia vincit veritas Truth conquers all things
Nasmyth Non arte sed Marte Not by science but by war
Nassau Spes durat avorum The hope of my ancestors endures
Nassu Ne supra modum sapere Be not over wise
Naughten I hope in God I hope in God
Neasmith Marte non Arte By arms not art
Neate In Deo mea spes My hope is in God
Neave Industria permanente By unremitting industry
Neave Sola proba quœe honesta Those things only are good which are honourable
Needham Nunc aut nunquam Now or never
Neil Vincere vel mori To conquer or die
Neill Steady Steady
Neill Vincere vel mori To conquer or die
Neilson His regi servitium With these we render service to the king
Neilson Prœstò pro patriâ Ready for my country
Neilson Virtute et votis By virtue and vows
Nelson Amicitiœ virtutisque fœdus The league of friendship and virtue
Nelson Faith and works Faith and works
Nelson Palmam qui meruit ferat Let him who has earned it bear the palm
Nelson San Josef San Josef
Nelson Trafalgar Trafalgar
Nemehard Pax potior bello Peace preferable to war
Nesbett Amica veritas Truth is dear
Nesbitt Je maintiendrai I will maintain
Nesham Spes, salus, decus Hope, safety, honour
Netherlands Voor moed, beleid, trouw For courage, prudence, and fidelity
Netherwood Frappez fort Strike hard
Nettles Nemo me impune lacessit No one provokes me with impunity
Nevile Ne ville Not vile
Nevile Ne vile velis Wish nothing base
Nevill A tenir promesse vient de noblesse To keep promise comes from nobleness
Nevill Ne vile velis Wish nothing base
Neville-Rolfe Cresco crescendo I increase by increasing
Nevoy Marte et arte By valour and skill
Newall Non recedam I will not go back
Newbigging Fructu noscitur It is known by it’s fruit
Newbigging I’ll try I’ll try
Newborough Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re Gentle in manner, firm in act
Newdegate Confide rectè agens Doing rightly be confident
Newdigate Confide rectè agens Doing rightly be confident
Newdigate In Domino confido I trust in the Lord
Newell Diligentia ditat Industry renders rich
Newgill Marte et labore By arms and toil
Newill Semper fidelis Always faithful
Newington Fac justa Act justly
Newland Le nom, les arms, la loyauté My name, my arms, my loyalty
NewLands Pro patria For my country
Newle Pugliem claraverat He had ennobled the champion
Newling In hoc signo vinces Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Newman Ad te, Domine To thee, O Lord
Newman Fidelitate By fidelity
Newman Lux mea Christus Christ is my light
Newman Magna vis fidelitatis The force of fidelity is great
Newman Ubi amor ibi fides Where there is love there is faith
Newport Ne supra modum sapere Be not over wise
Newton Faveat fortuna Let fortune favour
Newton Huic habeo non tibi I hold it for him, not for thee
Newton Pro patria For my country
Nibbert Animum pise parabo I myself will provide courage
Niblett Sperantes in Domino non deficient Those who hope in the Lord shall not fail
Niblett Veritatis assertor The assertor of truth
Niblie Honor et amor Honour and love
Nichol Go on, and persevere Go on, and persevere
Nicholas En bon espoir In good hope
Nicholas Semper fidelis Always faithful
Nicholl Duw a Digon God is enough, i.e. Deus sufficit
Nicholl Nil falsi audeat Let him dare nothing false
Nicholls Semper fidelis Always faithful
Nicholson Baroach Baroach
Nicholson Beneficiorum memor Mindful of benefits
Nicholson Deus mihi sol God is my sun
Nicholson Generositate By generosity
Nicholson Per castra ad astra Through the camp to the stars
Nicholson Post prœlia prœmia After battles honours
Nicholson Vittoria Vittoria
Nicholson Waterloo Waterloo
Nicolas Patria cara, carior fides My country is dear, my faith dearer
Nicolas Pilot Pilot
Nicoll Deo duce, comite industria God being my guide, Industry my companion
Nicolson Generositate By generosity
Nicolson Nil sistere contra Nothing to oppose us
Nicolson Ready, aye, ready Ready, aye, ready
Nightingale Compositum jus fasque animi A mind which respects alike the laws of mutual justice and of God
Nightingale Mens conscia recti A mind conscious of rectitude
Nigon Sans changer Without changing
Nisbet Discite justitiam Learn justice
Nisbet Exitus acta probat The results tests the act, or the end proves the deed
Nisbet Hinc ducitur honos Hence honour is derived
Nisbet His fortibus arma Arms to these brave men
Nisbet I byde it I byde it
Nisbet I hope to share I hope to share
Nisbet Non abest virtuti sors Fortune deserts not virtue
Nisbett I byde it I byde it
Niven Vivis sperandum Where there is life there is hope
Nivison Exitus acta probat The results tests the act, or the end proves the deed
Nixon Game to the bone Game to the bone
Noble Fide et fortitudine With faith and fortitude
Noble Virtute et valore By virtue and valour
Noel Jus suum cuique To every man his own
Noel Pensez en bien Think on good
Noel Tout bien ou rien All well or nothing
Norbury Regi et patriœ fidelis Faithful to king and country
Norcliffe Sine macula Without spot
Norfolk Bear and forbear Bear and forbear
Norfolk Salus per Christum Salvation through Christ
Norfolk Sola virtus invicta Virtue alone invincible
Norman Deus dabit vela God will fill the sails
Normanby Virtute quies Repose through valour
Normand Auxilium ab alto Aid from above
Normanton Via trita via tuta The beaten road is a safe road
Norreys Loyalment je sers I serve loyally
Norris Fideliter serva Perform faithfully
Norris Steady Steady
North Animo et fide By courage and faith
North La vertu est la seule noblesse Virtue is the only nobility
North Mihi parta tueri To defend the things acquired by me
North America Sic semper tyrannis Thus always to tyrants
Northcote Christi crux est mea lux The cross of Christ is my light
Northcote Cito, non temere Quickly, not rashly
Northern Steady Steady
Northesk Britannia victrix Britannia victorious
Northesk Trafalgar Trafalgar
Northmore Nec elata, nec dejecta Neither overjoyed nor dejected
Northumberland Esperance en Dieu Hope in God
Northwick Par ternis suppar A pair more than a match for three
Norton Avi numerantur avorum A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Norton Dieu et mon espée God and my sword
Norton Fortiter et fideliter Boldly and faithfully
Norvill Spem renovant alœ Its wings renew its hope
Notley Noli mentiri Do not lie
Nott Pacem, sed coronatam pacem Peace, but crowned peace
Nugent Bonne espérance et droit en avant Forward, good hope and right!
Nugent Decrevi I have resolved
Nugent Templa, quam dilecta Temles, how beloved
Nunn Fortiter in re Bravely in action
Nunn Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re Gentle in manner, firm in act
Nurse Justitia Justice
Nuttall Serva jugum Keep the yoke

Armorial Gold Heraldry Clipart was brought about from a need for high quality, professional vector art for those in the heraldry business and those wanting to design their own coats of arms. The Heraldry Mottoes are provided as a free reference to permit users to look up a motto of a surname, or find a motto they would like to adopt, or find a translation to a motto.


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