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Family Mottoes

Family Mottoes
by Armorial Gold Heraldry Services

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from Armorial Gold’s own Library and from noted heraldic writers.

The Family Mottoes Resource may not be copied for any reason or any purpose without Armorial Gold's expressed written permission. Members have access to search the full database.

Simply click on a letter. The Surname, Motto and translation is provided.

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Waddel Adorn the truth Adorn the truth
Waddell Orna verum Honour the truth
Waddilove Armed with integrity Armed with integrity
Waddilove Utere loris Use the reins
Waddy Ob ducem, ob patriam For our leader, for our country
Wadman Rosa sine spina The rose without a thorn
Wainwright Spes mea in Deo My hope is in God
Wait Pro aris et focis For our altars and our homes
Wake Vigilia et ora Watch and pray
Wakefield Spero I hope
Wakeman Nec sperno, nec timeo I neither despise nor fear
Walbond Sic vos non vobis So you not for yourselves
Walch Ambition sans enie Ambition without envy
Walcot Rebus justis invigilans Watchful for justice
Waldegrave Cœlum non animum You may change your climate, but not your disposition
Waldegrave Passez avant Pass forward
Waldron Fortis et velox Strong and swift
Waldron Virtute et valore By virtue and valour
Waldy Fidelis Faithful
Walford Nosce teipsum Know thyself
Walford Paratus et fidelis Ready and faithful
Walford Qui pense? Who thinks?
Walford Suum cuique tribuens Assigning to each his own
Walker Agincourt Agincourt
Walker Cura et industria By care and industry
Walker Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Walker Honesta quam magna How great are honourable things
Walker In Domino confido I trust in the Lord
Walker Juncti valemus Being joined we are powerful
Walker Nec sperno, nec timeo I neither despise nor fear
Walker Nil conscire sibi To have a conscience free from guilt. To be conscious of nothing of one’self, i.e. against one’s self
Walker Nil desperandum Never despair
Walker No sine periculo I swim without danger
Walker Non est vivere sed valere vita Not living, but health is life
Walker Orthes Orthes
Walker Passibus œquis (Walk) With measured tread
Walker Per varios casus By various fortunes
Walker Prœsta et persta Promise and persevere
Walker Semper vigilans Always watchful
Walker Vimiera Vimiera
Walker-Heneage Walk in the way of God Walk in the way of God
Walkingshaw In season In season
Wall Cœsar aut nullus Caesar or none
Wall Firm Firm
Wallace Esperance Hope
Wallace Nec devius unquam Never varying, - lit. Never wandering from the way
Wallace Pro libertate For liberty
Wallace Sperandum est It is to be hoped for
Wallange In utroque In both
Waller Agincourt Agincourt
Waller Azincourt Azincourt
Waller Hic fructus virtutis This is the fruit of valour
Waller Honor et veritas Honour and truth
Walley Nihil desperandum Never despair
Wallington Non temere, sed fortiter Not rashly, but boldly
Wallington Toujours fidèle Always faithful
Wallop En suivant la vérité By following truth
Wallscourt Virtus sola nobilitat Virtue alone ennobles
Walmesley Labore By labour
Walmesley Spes durat avorum The hope of my ancestors endures
Walmsley En Dieu est mon esperance In God is my hope
Walpole Fari quœ sentiat To speak what they think
Walpole Fari quœ sentient To speak what they think
Walrond Nec beneficii immemor injuriœ Forgetful of an injury, not of a kindness
Walrond Paix et peu Peace and a little
Walsh Firm Firm
Walsh Meliora spero I hope for better things
Walsh Veritas et virtus vincunt Truth and virtue prevail
Walsham A fyno duw a fydd What God willeth will be
Walsham Montez toujours Aspire always
Walsham Sub libertate quietem Rest under liberty
Walsingham Excitari non hebescere To be spirited, not inactive
Walters Fy nuw a chymru My God and Wales
Waltham Meritez Deserve
Walton Murus œneus virtus Virtue is a wall of brass
Walwyn Drwy rynwedd gward In this cause I would bleed
Walwyn Non deficit alter Another is not wanting
Wandesford Tout pour l’église All for the church
Ward Comme je fus As I was
Ward Fortune le veut Fortune so wills it
Ward Gardez la croix Keep the cross
Ward Obligatam redde Jovi Pay his due to Jove
Ward Sagaciter, fideliter, constanter Sagaciously, faithfully, constantly
Ward Sub cruce salus Salvation under the cross
Ward Usque ad mortem fidus Faithful even to death
Warde Licet esse beatis It is allowed to men to be happy
Warden Industria et spe By industry and hope
Wardrop Revertite Return ye
Wardrop Superna sequor I follow heavenly things
Ware Sola salus servire Deo The only safe course is to serve God
Waring Cavendo tutus Safe by being cautious
Waring Nec vi, nec astutia Not by force nor by cunning
Warner Candide et constanter Fairly and firmly
Warner Manet in œternum It endureth for ever
Warr Faire sans dire To do without speaking, i.e. Deeds not words
Warrand Fortiter Bravely
Warren Be just, and fear not Be just, and fear not
Warren Curre ut vincas Run that you may conquer
Warren Fortuna sequatur Let fortune be attendant
Warren Leo de Juda est robur nostrum The Lion of Judah is our strength
Warren Omne tulit punctum qui miscuit utile dulci He has gained every point who has mixed the useful with the agreeable
Warren Sublimiora sepectemus Let us regard loftier things
Warren Virtus mihi scutum Virtue is to me a shield
Warrington Pro patria For my country
Warter Vi victus non coactus Overcome by force not compelled
Warwick Vix ea nostra voco I scarce call these things our own
Washbourne Industria et probitate By industry and probity
Waskett Incorrupta fides, nudaque veritas Uncorrupted faith and the naked truth
Waterford Nil nisi cruce Nothing unless by the cross
Waterhous Firma nobis fides Faith is strong to us
Waterhouse Cressa cruce salus Salvation born from the cross
Waterpark Cavendo tutus Safe by being cautious
Waters Honore pietas Piety with honour
Waters Spero I hope
Waters Toujours fidèle Always faithful
Watkins Ffyddlawn beunydel Always faithful
Watkins In portu quies There is rest in port
Watkins Pen awr y chalon wir A golden head and true heart
Watkins Virtute avorum By the virtue of ancestors
Watkins Vitœ via virtus Virtue is the way of life
Watling Corde et manu With heart and hand
Watlington Mens conscia recti A mind conscious of rectitude
Watson Ad littora tendo I make for the shore
Watson Confisus viribus Confident in my own powers
Watson En Dieu est tout In God is everything
Watson Esto quod esse videris Be what you seem to be
Watson Forti fors bona Fortune is favourable to the bold
Watson In hoc signo vinces Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Watson Insperata floruit It has flourished unexpectedly
Watson Mea gloria fides Faith is my glory
Watson Per aspera belli Through the hardships of war
Watson Sine injuria Without offence
Watson Spero meliora I hope for better things
Watson Virtus sola nobilitat Virtue alone ennobles
Watson-Wentworth En Dieu est tout In God is everything
Watt Fide et fiducia By fidelity and confidence
Watts Amice Lovingly
Wauchop Industria ditat Industry enriches
Waugh Industria ditat Industry enriches
Way Fit via vi A way is made by labour
Wayland Aut manum aut ferrum Either the hand or the sword
Waynflete Nulla pallescere culpa To turn pale from no crime
Weare Sumus We are
Weare Sumus ubi fuimus We are where we have been
Webb Corona mea Christus Christ is my crown
Webb In alta tende Aim at things on high
Webb Nil conscire sibi To have a conscience free from guilt. To be conscious of nothing of one’self, i.e. against one’s self
Webb Non nobis nascimur We are not borne for ourselves
Webb Quid prodest? What does it profit?
Webb Robore By strength
Webb Virescit vulnere virtus Her virtue flourishes by her wound
Webley Perseverance Perseverance
Webster Carpe diem Seize the present opportunity
Webster Emergo I emerge
Webster Vincit veritas Truth conquers
Weddeburn Aquila non captat muscas The eagle catcheth not flies
Weddell Orna verum Honour the truth
Weddell Qualis ab incepto The same as from the beginning
Wedderburn Ad finem fidelis Faithful to the end
Wedderburn Illœso lumine solem To behold the sun with sight unhurt
Wedderburn Non degener Not degenerated
Weekes Cari Deo nihilo carent Those dear to God want nothing
Weekes Deo cari nihilo carent Those dear to God want nothing
Weeks Vitœ via virtus Virtue is the way of life
Weems Cogito I reflect
Weems Virtus dum patior vincit Provided I bear patiently, virtue conquers
Wegg Hostis honori invidia Envy is an enemy to honour
Wegg Vigilanter Watchfully
Weir Nihil verius Nothing more true
Welby Sorte contentus Content with one’s lot
Weld Nil sine numine Nothing without the Deity
Weldon Bene factum Well done
Welford Sic fidem teneo Thus I keep faith
Weller Steady Steady
Welles Semper paratus Always prepared
Wellesley Porro unum est necessarium Moreover one thing is needful
Wellesley Unica virtus necessaria Only virtue is necessary
Wellington Virtutis fortuna comes Fortune is the companion of valour
Wells Benedicite fontes Dominum Oh, ye wells, bless ye the lord
Wells Bien est qui bien fait Well is he that does well
Wells Facta non verba Deeds not words
Wells Moveo et propitior I move and am appeased
Wells Semper paratus Always prepared
Wells Virtute et honore With virtue and honour
Welman Dei Providentia juvat The providence of God is our help
Welsh Auspice Numine Under Divine direction
Welsted Tutus prompto animo Safe in an active mind
Wemyss Fortune le veut Fortune so wills it
Wenlock Auspice Christo Under the guidance of Christ
Wenlock Je veux de bonne guerre I wish fair play
Wentworth En Dieu est tout In God is everything
Wentworth Pensez en bien Think on good
Were Fuimus We have been
Wesley God is love God is love
West Dux vitœ ratio Reason is the guide of life
West Jour de ma vie Day of my life, i.e. “Most glorious day of my life.”
West Pax, copia, sapientia Peace, plenty, wisdom
West The day of my life The day of my life
Westby Jovis omnia plena All things are full of
Westby Nec volenti, nec nolenti For one neither willing, nor for one unwilling
Westcombe Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Westcote Renovato nomine With renewed name
Westerman Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Western Nec sperno, nec timeo I neither despise nor fear
Westhead Ora et labora Pray and labour
Westmacott Extremos pudeat rediisse Let it shame us to have come back last
Westminister Virtus, non stemma Virtue, not pedigree
Westminster Nobilitastis virtus non stemma character Virtue, not pedigree, should characterise nobility
Westmore Mens conscia recti A mind conscious of rectitude
Westmoreland Ne vile fano Bring nothing base to the temple
Weston Aquila non captat muscas The eagle catcheth not flies
Weston Craignez honte Fear shame
Weston Gloria sat Deus unus God alone is sufficient glory
Westropp Je me tourne vers l’occident I turn towards the west
Wexford Ad astra sequor I follow to the stars
Wexford In cruce glorior I glory in the cross
Weyland Heart of oak Heart of oak
Weymiss Je pense I think
Whalley Mirabile in profundis A wonderful object in the deep
Whannell Nuncia pacis A messenger of peace
Wharncliffe Avito viret honore He flourishes through the honour of his ancestors
Wharton Expectes et sustineas Thou mayest hope and endure
Wharton Generosus nascitur non fit The gentleman is born not made
Wharton Je voil droyt avoyre I will have justice
Wharton Lesses dire Let speak
Whatley Pelle timorem Drive off fear
Whatton Fidei coticula crux The cross is the test of truth
Wheatly I trust in God I trust in God
Wheeler Animus tamen idem Yet our mind is unchanged
Wheeler Avito jure By ancestral right
Wheler Facie tenus Even to the face
Whewell Lampada tradam I will pass on the torch
Whichcote Juste et droit Just and frank
Whieldon Virtus prœstantior auro Virtue is more excellent than gold
Whimper Frangas non flectes Thou may’st break, but shalt not bend me
Whitaker Robur atque fides Strength and faith
Whitbread Virtute non astutia By courage not by craft
White Beware in time Beware in time
White De Dieu tout From God every thing
White Fortiter et feliciter Boldly and fortunately
White Loyal until death Loyal until death
White Obsequens non servilis Courteous not servile
White Omnia mundana turbida All things of earth are troublous
White Persevera Persevere
White Plus vigilia Watch more
White Sis justus, et ne timeas Be just and fear not
White Stat fortuna domûs The fortune of the house remains
White The noblest motive is the public good The noblest motive is the public good
White Vi et virtute By strength and valour
White Vincit qui curat He conquers who is cautious
White Virtus omnia vincit Virtue conquers all things
White Virtute parta Acquired by virtue
Whitefoord D’en haut From on high
Whitefoord Ubique aut nusquam Everywhere or nowhere
Whitehead Ad finem fidelis Faithful to the end
Whitehurst He crains Dieu I fear God
Whitelaw Solertia ditat Prudence enriches
Whiteley Live in live Live in live
Whiteway Dum, vivo, spero While I live I hope
Whitfield Culpari metuit fides Faith fears to be blamed
Whitford Tout est en haut All is above
Whitgift Vincit qui patitur He conquers who endures
Whitgreave Et regem defendere victum To defend the king even in his defeat
Whitgreave Regem defendere victum To defend the conquered king
Whitmore Incorrupta fides Uncorrupted faith
Whitney Magnanimiter crucem sustine Sustain the cross (i.e. support afflictions) with magnanimity
Whitson Strength is from heaven Strength is from heaven
Whittaker Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Whittaker Vix distat summus ab imo The loftiest is scarcely removed from the lowest
Whittall Persevere Persevere
Whitter Esto fidelis Be faithful
Whittingham Fide et industria By faith and industry
Whittuck Mesis ab alto Our harvest is from the deep
Whitworth Agendo gnaviter By acting prudently
Whorwood Nunc et semper Now and ever
Whyte Ex candore virtus Virtue from candour
Whyte Per aruda fama Through difficulties fame
Whytt Candidiora pectora Purer hearts; i.e. whiter hearts
Whytt Virtute parata Acquired by virtue
Wickham Manners makyth man Manners makyth man
Wicklow Certum pete finem Aim at a sure end
Wicklow Inservi Deo et lœtare Serve God and rejoice
Widdington Joy sans fin Joy without end
Widdrington Pro patria For my country
Wightman A wight man never wants a weapon A wight man never wants a weapon
Wightwick Aut viam inveniam aut faciam I will either find a road or make one
Wilberforce In portu quies There is rest in port
Wilberforce Nos non nobis We not for ourselves
Wilbraham In portu quies There is rest in port
Wilbraham Par fluctus portui The wave is equal to the haven
Wilder Virtuti mœni0a cedant Let walls yield to valour
Wildman Tentanda via est The way must be tried
Wilkes Arcui meo non confido I trust not to my bow
Wilkie Favente Deo By God’s favour
Wilkins Estote prudentes Be ye prudent
Wilkins Syn ar dy hun Know thyself
Wilkinson Early and late Early and late
Wilkinson Esse et videri To be and to seem to be
Wilkinson Incepta persequor I persevere in what I undertake
Wilkinson Nec rege, nec populo, sed utroque Neither for king nor people, but for both
Wilkinson Temez le droit Keep the right
William III Je maintiendrai I will maintain
Williams Cadarn ar cyfwys Strong and subtle
Williams Deo adjuvante God aiding
Williams Deo adjuvcante non timendum With God assisting we must not fear
Williams Deus hœc otia fecit God hath given this tranquility
Williams Deus pascit corvos God feeds the ravens
Williams En suivant la vérité By following truth
Williams Gwell angeu na chwylydd Death is preferable to shame
Williams Heb Dduw heb ddim, Duw a digon Without God without anything, God is enough
Williams In Domino confido I trust in the Lord
Williams Kars Kars
Williams Mae virtute me involvo I wrap myself in my virtue
Williams Nil solidum There is nothing unchangeable
Williams Ofwn yr arglwydd We fear the Lord
Williams Semper vigilans Always watchful
Williams Si non datur ultra If (it is) not allowed beyond
Williams Suaviter sed fortiter Mildly, but firmly
Williams Virtus incumbet honori Virtue will rest upon honour
Williams Virtus tutissima cassis Virtue is the safest helmet
Williams Y ddioddefws orfu He who has suffering has conquered
Williamson Constare in sententia To continue in my opinion
Williamson In defence In defence
Williamson Modice augetur modicum A little is increased by degrees
Williamson Modicum modice erit magnum A little will be much by degrees
Williamson Murus œneus, conscientia sana A sound conscience is a wall of brass
Willington Vigueur de dessus Strength is from above
Willoughby Courage sans peur Courage without fear
Willoughby En bon espoir In good hope
Willoughby Vérité sans peur Truth without fear
Willoughby de Eresby Animus non deficit œquus Equanimity is not wanting
Wills Cor unun,via una One heart, one way
Wills Meruisse manu To have merited by the hand
Willshire Caffraria Caffraria
Willshire Khelat Khelat
Willyams In Domino confido I trust in the Lord
Wilson Expecta cuncta supernè Expect all things from above
Wilson Facta non verba Deeds not words
Wilson Fortiter et fideliter Boldly and faithfully
Wilson Non nobis solum Not for ourselves alone
Wilson Perseverantia palma By perseverance (one gains) the palm
Wilson Pro leqibus et regibus For laws and kings
Wilson Res non verba Facts not words
Wilson Semper vigilans Always watchful
Wilson Sequitur patrem non passibus œquis He follows his father, but not with equal steps
Wilson Venture and gain Venture and gain
Wilson Vincit qui se vincit He conquers who conquers himself
Wilson Virtus as sidera tollit Virtue raises to the stars
Wilson Virtus sibi prœmium Virtue is its own reward
Wilton Virtuti non armis fido I trust to virtue, not to arms
Wilts Gardez la croix Keep the cross
Winchelsea Nil conscire sibi To have a conscience free from guilt. To be conscious of nothing of one’self, i.e. against one’s self
Winchester Aimez loyaulté Love loyalty
Winchester Aymez loyaulté Love loyalty
Winchester Hoc ardua vincere docet This teaches us to overcome difficulties
Winchester Prœsto et persisto I undertake and I persevere
Windham Au bon droit With good right
Windsor Je me fie en Dieu I trust in God
Winford Tous jours loyal Always loyal
Wingfield Fidélité est de Dieu Fidelity is of God
Wingfield Posse nolle nobile To be able (but) unwilling is noble, or to be able to refuse (to do a bad action) is noble
Winn Tout pour Dieu et ma patrie Wholly for God and my country
Winn Virtute et labore By valour and exertion
Winninton Grata sume manu Take with a grateful hand
Winter Confido I trust
Winterbotham Prœvisa mala pereunt Foreseen misfortunes perish
Winterton Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Wintle Stat fortuna domûs The fortune of the house remains
Winton Hazard, zet forward Hazard, zet forward
Winton Intaminatis fulget honoribus He shines with unstained honours
Wintringham Fortis esto, non ferox Be brave, not ferocious
Wire Vincit qui patitur He conquers who endures
Wise Sapere aude Dare to be wise
Wiseman Sapit qui Deum sapit He is (a) wise (man) who has the knowledge (or “savour”) of God
Wishart Mercy is my desire Mercy is my desire
Witeley Live in live Live in live
Witham Optime merenti To the best deserving
Wither I grow and wither both together I grow and wither both together
Withers Nec habeo, nec careo, nec curo I have neither property, want, nor care
Wodderspoon Deo juvante By God’s assistance
Wodehouse Agincourt Agincourt
Wodehouse Frappe fort Strike hard
Wodehouse Frappe fort Strike hard
Wolfe Pro patriœ amore For patriotism
Wolferstan Qui sera What will be, will be
Wolff Dante Deo By the gift of God
Wollaston Ne quid falsi Nothing false
Wolley Honeste audax Honourably bold
Wolseley Homo homini vulpes Man is a fox towards his fellow-man
Wolstenholme In ardua virtus Virtue against difficulties
Wombwell In well beware In well beware
Wood Civil and religious liberty Civil and religious liberty
Wood Defend Defend
Wood Deus robur meum God is my strength
Wood Die virescit It attains vigour by time
Wood Irrideo tempestatem I laugh at the storm
Wood Patriœ fidelis Faithful to my country
Wood Perseverando By persevering
Wood Strenuè et audacter Strenuously and daringly
Woodcock Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Woodcock Gesta verbis prœveniunt Their deeds go before their words
Woodd Not unto us Not unto us
Woodford Libertate quietem Quiet in liberty
Woodford Pro aris et focis For our altars and our homes
Woodhouse In hoc signo Under this sign
Woods Ante omnia sylvœ The woods (or forests) before all things
Woods Fortis est qui se vincit He is brave who conquers himself
Woods Fortis in procella Strong in the storm
Woodward Virtus semper valet Virtue always avails
Woolnough In the name of God try In the name of God try
Woolridge Benedictus qui tollit crucem Blessed is he who bears the cross
Worcester Coll Deo, regi, vicino To God, my king, my neighbour
Wordie Nil indigne Nothing unworthily
Workman Non pas l’ouvrage, mais l’ouvrier Not the work, but the workman
Worseley Ut sursum desuper I swoop down to soar again
Worsley Quam plurimis prodesse To do good to as many as you can
Worsley Sit nomen decus May my name be an honour
Worsley Ut sursum desuper I swoop down to soar again
Worthinton Virtute dignus avorum Worthy of the virtue of his ancestors
Wrangham Hyeme exsuperata When winter (or the storm) is overpassed
Wray Et juste et vrai Both just and true
Wren Virtuti fortuna comes Fortune is companion to valour
Wren-Hoskyns Numero, pondere, et mensura By numbers, weight, and measure
Wrey Le bon temps viendra The prosperous time will come
Wright Ad rem To the point
Wright Aperto vivere voto To live without a wish concealed
Wright Aquila non captat muscas The eagle catcheth not flies
Wright Endure and hope Endure and hope
Wright Fortiter Bravely
Wright Mens conscia recti A mind conscious of rectitude
Wright Mens sibi conscia recti A mind conscious to itself of rectitude
Wright Tam arte quam Marte As much by art as strength
Wright Toleranda et speranda We must endure and hope
Wright Veritas vincit Truth conquers
Wright Vincit vigilantia Vigilance conquers
Wurtemburg Amicitiœ virtutisque fœdus The league of friendship and virtue
Wyatt Duriora virtus Virtue tries harder things
Wyatt Endure and hope Endure and hope
Wyatt Suivez raison Follow reason
Wybergh Hominem te esse memento Remember that thou art a man
Wyborn Fama Perennis erit Thy fame shall be enduring
Wyborn Recte et suaviter Justly and mildly
Wykeham Manners makyth man Manners makyth man
Wylie Labore et scientia By industry and science
Wyllie Fides Faith
Wyndham Ab alto speres alteri quod feceris Expect from Heaven what you have done to another
Wyndham Vis et fides Strength and faith
Wynford Libertas in legibus Liberty in the law
Wynn Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re Gentle in manner, firm in act
Wynne Di ofn di ymffrost Fearless, boastless
Wynne Eryr eyrod eryri The eagles of the eagles of Snowdon
Wynne Nec me meminisse pigebit Nor shall I regret to remember
Wynn-Williams Bryreroderyri Haste, herald of Snowdon; or, High are the eagles at Snowdon
Wynn-Williams Ewch yn uchaw Go well
Wynn-Williams Y cadarn a’r cyfrwys The mighty and cunning
Wyvill Palma non sine pulvere The palm is not obtained without labour

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