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Family Mottoes

Family Mottoes
by Armorial Gold Heraldry Services

This is a Free Motto resource center containing approx. 9,000 mottoes transcribed from Elvin’s Mottoes, with added mottoes from Armorial Gold’s own Library and from noted heraldic writers.

The Family Mottoes Resource may not be copied for any reason or any purpose without Armorial Gold's expressed written permission. Members have access to search the full database.

Simply click on a letter. The Surname, Motto and translation is provided.

Enjoy the Family Mottoes...

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Rabett Superabit omnia virtus Virtue shall overcome all things
Radcliffe Caen, Cressie, Calais Caen, Cressie, Calais
Radcliffe Cœteris major qui melior He is greater than others who is better
Radcliffe Ceteris major qui melior Who is better is greater than the rest
Radcliffe Si je puis If I can
Radcliffe Virtus propter se Virtue for its own sake
Radstock Rumor acerbe, tace Cruel rumour, be still
Radstock St. Vinceut St. Vinceut
Rae In omnia promptus Ready for everything
Raeburn Tutus si fortis Safe if brave
Raffles In cruce triumphans Triumphing in the cross
Raikes Honestum prœferre utili To prefer the honest to the profitable
Raines Judicium parium, aut leges terrœ The judgment of our peers or the law of the land
Raines Vici I have conquered
Raisbeck Beneficio bene erit He will succeed by kindness
Rait Meliora spero sequorque I hope and strive for better fortunes
Rait Sperandum To be hoped for
Rait Spero meliora I hope for better things
Ralph Fideliter Faithfully
Ralston Fide et Marte By fidelity and military service
Ram Quid tibi fieri non vis alteri ne feceris Do not to another what you wish not to be done to yourself
Ram Quid tibi vis fieri facias Do what you wish to be done to you
Ramadge Consilio et animis By wisdom and courage
Ramage Poco a poco By little and little
Ramsay Aspiro I aspire
Ramsay Dum varior Until I am changed
Ramsay Familias firmat pietas Piety strengthens families
Ramsay Migro et respicio I come forth and look back
Ramsay Ora et labora Pray and labour
Ramsay Semper victor Always conqueror
Ramsay Spernit pericula virtus Virtue despises danger
Ramsay Superna sequor I follow heavenly things
Ramsbottom Fide et virtute By fidelity and valour
Ramsbottom Non vi, sed virtute Not by violence, but by virtue
Rancliffe Honeste audax Honourably bold
Randall Nil extra numerum Nothing out of time
Ranelagh Cœlitus litus mihi vires My strength from heaven
Ranfurley Moveo et propitior I move and am appeased
Ranken In utrumque For both
Rankin Fortiter et rectè Boldly and rightly
Rant Sicmihi si fueris tu leo qualisens If thus you, lion, do to me, what a lion you will be!
Ratcliff Sperare timere est To hope is to fear
Rathbone Suaviter et fortiter Mildly and firmly
Rathdowne Fortiter, Fideliter, feliciter Boldly, faithfully, successfully
Ratray Free for a blast Free for a blast
Rattary Ex hoc victoria signo Victory (is gained) from the sign
Rattray Semper sidera votum The heavens always my wish
Rattray Super sidera votum My wishes are above the stars
Raven La tête plus que l’argent The head is better than riches
Ravenshaw Deus pascit corvos God feeds the ravens
Ravensworth Unus et idem One and the same
Rawdon-Hastings Trust winneth troth Trust winneth troth
Rawlings Cognosce teipsum et disce pati Know thyself, and learn to suffer
Rawlins Nec vi standum, nec metu We must stand neither by force nor fear
Rawlinson Dieu et mon roi God and my king
Rawlinson Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Ray Et juste et vrai Both just and true
Ray-Clayton Honesty is better than riches Honesty is better than riches
Raymond Æquam servare mentem To preserve an equal mind
Raymond Auctor pretiosa facit The Giver makes them valuable
Raymond Nec invideo, nec despicio I neither envy nor despise
Read Cedant arma togœ Let arms yield to the gown
Read Haud lege pertior Not more skilful than the law
Reade Amor sine timore Love without fear
Reade Cedant arma togœ Let arms yield to the gown
Reade Utile primo Useful at first
Reath Industria ditat Industry enriches
Reay In omnia paratus Ready for all things
Reay Manu forti With a strong hand
Red Eagle Sincere et constanter Sincerely and steadfastly
Rede Avi numerantur avorum A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Redesdale Æquabiliter et diligenter By consistency and diligence
Redmond Pie vivere, et Deum et patriam diligere To live piously, and to love (both) God and our country
Redwood Lumen sevimus antique We sowed light of old
Reed In Deo omnia In God are all things
Reed Memor et fidelis Mindful and faithful
Rees Pietate et probitate By piety and honesty
Rees Spes melioris œvi The hope of a better age
Reeves Animum rege Rule thy mind
Reeves Deo volente God willing
Reeves Nil sine Deo Nothing without God
Reeves Virtute et fidelitate By valour and fidelity
Reid Firm Firm
Reid Fortitudine et labore By fortitude and exertion
Reid In sublime Upwards
Reid Semper eadem Always the same
Reidheugh Nil nequit amor Love can do everything
Remnant Mind your own business Mind your own business
Rendell Mors lupi agnis vita The death of the wolf is life to the lambs
Rendlesham Labore et honore By industry and honour
Renfrew Deus gubernat navem God steers the vessel
Reppington Virtus propter se Virtue for its own sake
Repton Æquo animo With equanimity
Reveley Optima revelatio stella A star the best revelation
Reynardson Virtus est vitium fugere It is virtue to flee from vice
Reynell Indubitata fides Undoubted faith
Reynell Murus œneus esto Be thou a wall of brass
Reynolds Favente Deo By God’s favour
Reynolds Fide, sed cui vide Trust, but in whom take care
Reynolds Fide sed vide Trust but take care
Reynolds Jus meum tuebor I will defend my right
Reynolds Spectemur agendo Let us be viewed by our actions
Rhet Spero meliora I hope for better things
Rhodes Cœlum non animum You may change your climate, but not your disposition
Riall Re alta spero I indeed hope for lofty things
Riblesdale Retineus vestigia famœ Still treading in the footsteps of an honourable ancestry
Rice Fides non timet Faith fears not
Rice Secret et hardi Secret and bold
Rich Garde la foi Keep the faith
Rich Guarde la foy Keep the faith
Richard I Christo duce With Christ for leader
Richards Honore et amore With honour and love
Richards Libertas virtus sunt summa potestas Liberty and virtue are the highest power
Richards Nec sperno, nec timeo I neither despise nor fear
Richards Prenez garde Take care
Richards Secundis usque laboribus Continually with prosperous labours
Richardson Firmum in vita nihil Nothing in life is permanent
Richardson Firmus in firmis Firm among the firm
Richardson I trust in God I trust in God
Richardson Labor vincit omnia Labour conquers all things
Richardson Semper fidelis Always faithful
Richardson Virtus paret robur Virtue begets strength
Richardson Virtute acquiritur honos Honour is acquired by virtue
Richie Virtute acquiritur honos Honour is acquired by virtue
Richmond En la rose je fleurie I flourish in the rose
Ricketson I am, I am I am, I am
Ricketts Deo duce God my guide
Ricketts Prend moi tel que je suis Take me as I am
Ricketts Quid verum atque decens What is true and befitting
Rickford Deeds not words Deeds not words
Rickinghall Dieu et mon espée God and my sword
Riddell Deus solus auget aristas God alone increaseth the harvest
Riddell Hope to share Hope to share
Riddell I hope to share I hope to share
Riddell Right to share Right to share
Riddell Utile et dulce The useful and agreeable
Riddock Tu ne cede malis Yield not to misfortunes
Rideout Toutz foitz chevalier Always a knight
Rider Dum cresco spero While I increase I hope
Ridley Constans et fidei Steady to my faith
Ridsdale Deus est spes God is our hope
Rig Virtute et labore By valour and exertion
Rigg Virtute et labore By valour and exertion
Rigge Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Ripon Foy en tout Faith in everything
Rippon Our hope is on high Our hope is on high
Ritchie Ostendo non ostento I show, not boast
Ritchie Virtute acquiritur honos Honour is acquired by virtue
Rivers Æquam servare mentem To preserve an equal mind
Rivers Secus rivos aquarum By rivers of water
Riversdale Manus hœc inimica tyrannis This hand is hostile to tyrants
Robe Candore By candour
Robeck Fortis sub forte fatiscet The brave shall grow weary beneath the brave
Roberson Loyal au mort Loyal to the dead
Robertoun For security For security
Roberts Deo adjuvante, fortuna sequatur With God assisting, good fortune may follow
Roberts Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Roberts Lente sed attente Slowly but carefully
Roberts Quœ supra What things are above
Roberts Successus a Deo est Success is from God
Robertson Dinna waken sleeping dogs Dinna waken sleeping dogs
Robertson Gloria virtutis merces Glory is the reward of virtue
Robertson Intemerata fides Faith undefiled
Robertson Perseveranti dabitur It will be given to the persevering
Robertson Post funera virtus Virtue survives death
Robertson Quœque favilla micat Every ember shines
Robertson Ramis micat radix The root glitters in its branches
Robertson Recte faciendo neminem timeas In acting justly fear no one
Robertson Robore et sapientia By strength and wisdom
Robertson Virtutis gloria merces Glory is the reward of valour
Robertson Ductus, non coatus Led, not forced
Robertstoun Securitate With security
Robins Deus nobis quis contra? God for us, who shall be against us?
Robinson Dulcis amor patriœ The love of one’s country is sweet
Robinson Foy en tout Faith in everything
Robinson Sola Deo salus The only salvation is in God
Robinson Sola in Deo salus Safety alone in God
Robinson Spes mea in futuro est My hope is in the future
Robinson Vincam malum bono I will overcome evil by good
Robinson Virtus pretiosior auro Virtue is more precious than gold
Robinson Virtute non verbis By valour not by boasting
Robson Justus esto, et non metue Be just, and fear not
Roch Fides probata coronat Tried faith crowns
Roche Dieu est ma roche God is my rock
Roche Mon Dieu est ma roche My God is my rock
Rochead Fide et virtute By fidelity and valour
Rochead Pro patria For my country
Rochford Spes durat avorum The hope of my ancestors endures
Rochfort Candor dat viribus alas Truth gives wings to strength
Rochfort Vi vel suavitate By force or by mildness
Rodd Recte omnia duce Deo God being my guide all things will be rightly done
Roddam Nec deficit Nor is another wanting
Roden Faire mon devoir To do my duty
Roden Magna est veritas et prevalebit Truth is great and will prevail
Roderick Omnia vincit amor Love subdues all things
Rodie Spero meliora I hope for better things
Rodney Non generant aquilœ columbas Eagles do not beget doves
Rodwell Dum spiro spero While I have breath I hope
Roe Tramite recta By a direct path
Rogers Celeriter et jucunde Quickly and pleasantly
Rogers Justum perficito, nihil timeto Act justly, and fear nothing
Rogers Le roy et l’église The king and the church
Rogers Lux mea Christus Christ is my light
Rogers Nil conscire sibi To have a conscience free from guilt. To be conscious of nothing of one’self, i.e. against one’s self
Rogers Nos nostraque Deo We and ours to God
Rogers Vigilia et ora Watch and pray
Rogers-Harrison Absque virtute nihil Nothing without virtue
Rokeby In bivio dextra In a forked path choose the right hand
Rokeby Non nobis solum, sed toti mundo nati Born not for ourselves alone, but for the whole world
Rokeby Sola in Deo salus Safety alone in God
Rolland Immutabile, durabile Immutable, lasting
Rolland Spes juvat Hope delights
Rolland Sustentatus providentiâ Sustained by providence
Rolle Nec rege, nec populo, sed utroque Neither for king nor people, but for both
Rolleston Ainsi et peut estre meilleur Thus and perhaps better
Rollo La fortune passe par tout The vicissitudes of fortune are common to all
Rollo Valor et fortuna Valour and good fortune
Rolls Celeritas et veritas Promptitude and truth
Rolt Cuspis fracta causa coronœ A spear broken in the cause of the crown or is the cause of a crown
Rome Pungit, sed placet It pricks, but pleases
Romer Et agere et pati fortiter, Romanum est. Both to do and to endure bravely is (a) Roman(s) part
Romney Non sibi, sed patriœ Not for himself, but for his country
Ronald Sic virescit virtus Thus virtue flourishes
Rooke Efflorescent cornices dum micat sol Rooks will flourish while the sun shines
Roper Spes mea in Deo My hope is in God
Roscommon Auxilium ab alto Aid from above
Rose Audeo I dare
Rose Constant and true Constant and true
Rose Constaunt an’ trew Constaunt an’ trew
Rose Flourish Flourish
Rose Je pense à qui pense plus I think of him who is the most thoughtful
Rose Rosa petit cœlum The Rose seeks heaven
Roseberry Fide et fiducia By fidelity and confidence
Rose-Cleland For sport For sport
Roskell Ros cœli The dew of heaven
Ross Agnoscar eventu I shall be known by the results
Ross Caute non astute Cautiously, not craftily
Ross Constant and true Constant and true
Ross Floret qui laborat He is prosperous who labours
Ross Non opes, sed ingenium Not wealth, but mind
Ross Per aspera virtus Virtue through hardships
Ross Qui spinosior fragrantior The more thorny the more fragrant
Ross Rosam ne rode Gnaw not the rose
Ross Spe aspera levat He lightens difficulties by hope
Ross Spem successus alit Success nourishes hope
Ross Think on Think on
Ross Time Deum Fear God
Ross Virtute et valore By virtue and valour
Ross Virtutis gloria merces Glory is the reward of valour
Rosse Pro Deo et rege For God and the king
Rosslyn Fight Fight
Rosslyn Illœso lumine solem To behold the sun with sight unhurt
Rosslyn Rinasce piu gloriosa It rises again more glorious
Rossmore Post prœlia prœmia After battles honours
Roster Fides Faith
Rothery Festina lente Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, “On slow.”
Rothes Grip fast Grip fast
Rothschild Concordia, integritate, industria By concord, integrity , and industry
Rothwell Nil conscire sibi To have a conscience free from guilt. To be conscious of nothing of one’self, i.e. against one’s self
Round Esse quam videri To be rather than seem to be
Roundell Merere To deserve
Rounder Tenax propositi Firm of purpose
Roupell Fidelè Faithfully
Rous Je vive en espoir I live in hope
Rous Rosa petit cœlum The Rose seeks heaven
Rous Vescitur Christo He feeds on Christ
Rouse In te, Domine, speravi In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust
Rousseau Et vitam impendere vero To sacrifice even life to truth
Roussell Fidelè Faithfully
Row Non desistam I will not desist
Rowan Cresco per crucem I increase by the cross
Rowan Per industriam Through industry
Rowand Hœc lucra laborum These are the advantages of industry
Rowe Agendo gnaviter By acting prudently
Rowe Innocens non timidus Innocent but not fearful
Rowley Bear and forbear Bear and forbear
Rowley La vertu surmote tout obstacle Virtue overcomes every obstacle
Rowley Ventis secundis By favourable winds
Roxburghe Be traist Be faithful
Roxburghe Pro Christo et patria dulce periculum For Christ and my country danger is sweet
Roxby Perseverando By persevering
Roy Qua tendis? Whither do you steer?
Royal Burgh Vigilando ascendimus We rise by being vigilant
Royal Society Nullius in verba At the dictation of no man
Roydes Semper paratus Always prepared
Ruck A regibus amicis From friendly kings
Ruddiman Vis viri fragilis Weak is the strength of man
Rudge In cruce fides Faith in the cross
Rugeley Confide in Deo Trust in God
Ruggles-Brise Struggle Struggle
Rule With heart and hand With heart and hand
Rumbold Ut sursum desuper I swoop down to soar again
Rumbold Virtutis laus actio The praise of virtue is action
Rumney Mors œrumnarum requies Death is rest from afflictions
Rumsey Virtute non vi By virtue not by force
Runcorn Servabo fidem I will keep the faith
Rundall Unita fortior The stronger being united
Rush Un Dieu, un roy, un foy One God, one king, one faith
Rush Ung roy, ung foy, ung loy One king, one faith, one law
Rushbrooke Fluminis ritu ferimur We rush on like a brook
Rushout Par ternis suppar A pair more than a match for three
Rushton Have patience and endure Have patience and endure
Rushton Reviresco I flourish again
Russel Amice Lovingly
Russel Virtus sine macula Virtue unspotted
Russell Agitatione purgatur It is purified by agitation
Russell Che sarà sarà What will be will be
Russell Discite justitiam moniti Learn justice, being admonished
Russell Fidelis et audax Faithful and bold
Russell Memor Mindful
Russell Nitor donec supero I strive until I overcome
Rust Veritatis et œquitatis tenax Persevering in truth and justice
Rust Vitœ via virtus Virtue is the way of life
Rutherford Amico fidus ad aras Faithful to my friend as far as conscience permits, or even to death, lit even to the altar
Rutherford Nec sorte, nec fato Neither by chance nor destiny
Rutherfurd Sedulus et audax Diligent and bold
Ruthven Deeds show Deeds show
Rutland Pour y parvenir To accomplish it
Rutson Spectemur agendo Let us be viewed by our actions
Rutter Melitœ amor Love of Malta
Ruttledge Verax atque probus Trustworthy and honest
Ryan Malo mori quam fœdari I would rather die than be disgraced
Rycroft Fayth hathe no feare Fayth hathe no feare
Rydon Fortuna et honos ab alto Fortune and honour are from above
Rymer Ense animus major The mind (i.e. reason) is more powerful than the sword

Armorial Gold Heraldry Clipart was brought about from a need for high quality, professional vector art for those in the heraldry business and those wanting to design their own coats of arms. The Heraldry Mottoes are provided as a free reference to permit users to look up a motto of a surname, or find a motto they would like to adopt, or find a translation to a motto.


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